Cybersecurity in the
Manufacturing Industry

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (AKA Industry 4.0) changed the goods we make and the way in which we make them. New technologies in manufacturing make it easier than ever to produce higher quality products more efficiently. However, this revolution also provides cyber threat actors with more means to enter networks and new ways to disrupt industries and their supply chains. Each new technological adoption adds a new vulnerability to a manufacturing business’s cybersecurity landscape. Building a security posture strong enough to withstand cybercrime’s projected 15% per year growth while keeping production moving requires a disciplined, well-planned and well-executed approach to security. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Why is cybersecurity important
in the manufacturing industry?

Manufacturing supports the world’s supply chain. As such, the manufacturing sector interconnects virtually every industry. Disruptions or breaches here could mean delays at best or an entirely compromised supply chain at worst.

Manufacturing companies guard valuable information such as product design, trade secrets, intellectual property, critical data and more, making them a high value target for cybercriminals and attacks.

Many threat actors exploit businesses in the manufacturing industry. They pose substantial risk that needs to be mitigated.

Built to Keep Your Business Running

Cybersecurity in the manufacturing industry requires a team of experts that monitor network traffic and security data on a 24/7/365 basis to ensure comprehensive protection. deepwatch’s unique Squad Delivery Model provides your business with named, accessible resources devoted to understanding your specific business and cybersecurity objectives, infrastructure, risk profile and desired outcomes. deepwatch’s in-depth understanding of your IT infrastructure and configuration, our proprietary maturity model, and industry specific security content and use cases, optimize your overall security posture and as a team we advance your defenses.

Knowing what you’re up against makes navigating that threat landscape easier. Our active threat hunting teams keep up to date with the latest threats and developments in the world of manufacturing cybersecurity and apply that knowledge in setting up a defense for your specific vulnerabilities.

We do more than measure  security posture for your current operations. We help your business build a growing, adaptable, and flexible security program that grows with your organization. Our Maturity Model and Content Library provide guidance, use cases and prioritization of next best actions and recommendations you can use to improve your security posture,  guide budgetary decisions, technology adoption and justify security investments with your Board of Directors.

Stay Focused on What’s Important

You can’t be swamped with false positives and unimportant alerts while you’re trying to support your business, digital commerce and maintain efficient operations. That’s where deepwatch steps in. Through advanced monitoring, we detect and respond to threats, streamlining cybersecurity for manufacturing organizations. Our Cloud SecOps platform, in partnership with Splunk, gives you a one-stop platform for streamlined, actionable alerts and  productive insights into your security operations. We make it easy for you and your team to find what you need quickly and act on it just as fast.

deepwatch + Splunk work together to secure your manufacturing business and provide:

Scalable infrastructure that grows with your business

Normalized log and data sources into a single SIEM system

Increased monitoring and alerting across IT and OT

Ongoing Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and threat hunting for proactive security measures

24/7/365 SOC monitoring, validating, and triaging of alerts for efficient remediation

Discover what the partnership of deepwatch + Splunk can do for your business.

Manufacturing Cybersecurity Success Stories

Manufacturing Customer Needed to Enhance Security While Normalizing Data Ingestion Across Five Business Units

After working with an MSSP that didn’t meet the level of service and accuracy required to defend their network, this global manufacturing conglomerate selected deepwatch to normalize data ingestion across all five business units.

Retail Business Selects deepwatch to Provide Managed Detection & Response Services Across Business Units

As a consolidated conglomerate of ten international retail business units, the customer has a broad attack surface to monitor and defend. See how deepwatch deployed our SecOps Platform across all 10 business units to deliver alerts in under 30 days.



As the cornerstone of so many other businesses across different industries, manufacturing data affects everyone involved in your supply chain, making cybersecurity threats in manufacturing a multi-industry concern. The data your business controls and information you have access to through  your customers includes PII, financial information, blueprints, trade secrets, logistics and shipping information and more can.  This information can all be accessed digitally. Without a strong security platform, attackers can steal, tamper or misuse highly sensitive data.

To begin, get a firm understanding of where your current security posture stands. Once you have your maturity score and recommendations for how to improve, reach out to experts who know how to build secure, well-fortified security operations. With a proven enterprise security partner, you’ll focus on your business while they focus solely on securing it.