Advisory Services

deepwatch Advisory Services provide customers with strategic and tactical cybersecurity services. Leverage deepwatch Advisory Services to assess and develop your SecOps program or respond to validated incidents, all while seamlessly integrating with your deepwatch managed security solutions.

The Right Approach

deepwatch Advisory Services leverage industry frameworks, regulatory mandates, successful methodologies, and proven practices to meet your objectives. We acquire an intimate knowledge of your needs and constraints to tailor our approach, methods, and deliverables to achieve your desired results.

The Right People

We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve been cybersecurity analysts, engineers, architects, and executives. We’ve been on offense and defense. We’ve built. We’ve broken. We’ve executed. We’ve led. We’re proud of our wins and losses, but most of all we thrive on your success.

Advisory Services

  • SecOps Assessment
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    SecOps Assessment

    You can’t get to your destination if you don’t know where you are or where you’re going. deepwatch’s SecOps Program Assessment compares your security operations program against specific frameworks and regulatory mandates, as well as collaborates to establish realistic timelines, palatable recommendations, and defensible roadmaps.

  • SecOps Program Development
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    SecOps Program Development

    Your security operations needs are unique. While they share similarities with other organizations and industries, your security program is unique to your organization’s environment. deepwatch’s SecOps Program Development services identify your organization’s common and specific requirements and constraints to develop a comprehensive security operations program. Including both tactical and strategic elements, your new security operations program is derived from proven practices, while also satisfying your regulatory requirements.

  • Incident Response Simulation
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    Incident Response Simulation

    You have an incident response plan, but how confident are you that you’ll respond effectively when a real incident materializes? deepwatch’s Incident Response Simulation services design and facilitate real-world simulations that answer this question. From realistic tabletop simulations to covert red-team exercises, deepwatch simulates advanced adversaries operating within your environment. As a result, we’ll surface your gaps and show you where and how to improve.

  • Digital Forensics & Incident Response
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    Digital Forensics & Incident Response

    Incidents happen. When they do, do you have the experience and skills necessary to deal with them? deepwatch’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response retainer and on-demand services provide you with seasoned professionals adept at containing and eradicating even the most advanced adversaries. From memory analysis to executive briefings, deepwatch partners with your organization to overcome cybersecurity incidents.

Advisory Services Benefits

deepwatch Advisory Services customers realize the following benefits

  • Subject Matter Expertise
    Leverage deepwatch’s subject-matter expertise to develop or mature your SecOps program
  • Incident Response
    Rely on seasoned incident responders to investigate and remediate validated cybersecurity incidents
  • Synergies
    Realize the synergies of fully integrated professional and managed security services
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