The many hats of a Principal UX Manager

What do you do at deepwatch?

I manage a team of product designers and work on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible leveraging design. I partner with leaders across the organization to evangelize design as well as work with security teams to ensure solutions we are building for them are usable and useful. 

What’s your typical workday like?

My days are highly varied. Some days I am designing features or something new for one of our products jamming to sweet tunes. Some days I run brainstorming sessions or workshops to solve big challenges. Some days I spend with the design team strategizing about how we can get user input or make our Design System better.

What drew you to applying to the job at deepwatch?

I am really interested in the cyber security space and working for a rapidly growing company in the space. Cyber security previously was an industry that I knew nothing about and has provided me with so many new and interesting problems to solve.

How did you get to your current role?

I have been designing complex products for the past 16 years and building design teams for the past 3. I am naturally a player / coach and the role has been a great way for me to build a team, design some things and impact the organization.

What inspires you to log in every day?

I am excited to see what the day brings. I really enjoy working with the team and shipping software. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities to see the value we are building.

What was the interview process like for you?

It was great, the recruiters were all very knowledgeable and were able to engage in smart conversations that excited me. Every individual I spoke with was inspired and engaging. They were able to talk to me about the things that drove them and articulate the mission of the company.

What resources did you use to prepare for the interview?

I first looked at the website to try to understand what the company did. Then I looked in LinkedIn to see the team composition and other information I could find about the company online. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring deepwatchers?

Be yourself! Bring positive energy and great talent, we are a good group of people who like to have fun and take over the industry!

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