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Your defense is only as strong as your visibility into your data. Organizations of all sizes and across all industries rely on actionable data to identify potential threats and mitigate them before they become problems. But how do you make sense of a constantly expanding amount of information and cybersecurity analytics at scale across massive amounts of data? At deepwatch, we’ve developed a solution to help drive smarter decisions with data.

Meet deepwatch Discover.

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Many organizations find that analyzing cyber security data at scale can be complex and expensive. In order to help our customers improve visibility and better manage data costs without sacrificing cyber resilience, we engineered Discover at the core as an advanced cybersecurity analytics solution designed for aggregating, managing, and analyzing multiple large scale cybersecurity data sets. Designed to provide visibility into more customer data in support of continuous correlation and complicated curation of data from our customers, deepwatch discover supports collection and analysis at scale, helping to better defend customer networks against the most advanced cybersecurity threats.

How it Works

The most advanced attacks can be low, slow, and take place over long periods of time. In order to enhance their cybersecurity maturity and support in advanced threat detection, deepwatch customers typically ingest more logs from more sources, driving contextual analysis and correlation between disparate data sets. This method drives log source collection, and in turn, better data visibility for advanced threat detection and drives security maturity and cyber resilience. The better the visibility into customer data, the better our cybersecurity use cases are for advanced analytics in our proprietary deepwatch Content Library. With deepwatch Discover and our advanced analytics, customers have an increased ability to detect both advanced and historical threats at scale.

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