deepwatch Identify solutions serve as the foundation of mature SecOps programs by discovering the assets, threats, and vulnerabilities relevant to your organization. Leverage deepwatch Identify solutions to establish confidence in your areas of responsibility while continuously updating you on the changes impacting your organization.

deepwatch Identify Solutions

  • Endpoint
    0 1
    • Comprehensive Endpoint Security Program Development
    • Expose “Shadow IT” devices & applications
    • Determine Endpoint Compliance
  • Network
    0 2
    • Comprehensive Network Security Program Development
    • Discover Devices Across On-Premise & Cloud Environments
    • Identify Control Infrastructure Coverage Gaps
    • Produce Accurate Network Diagrams
  • Vulnerability Management
    0 3
    Vulnerability Management
    • Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Program Development
    • Achieve Complete Asset Visibility
    • Profile Assets by Function, Services, Environment, Lifecycle & More
    • Apply Risk-Based Scoring to Prioritize Remediation Efforts

deepwatch Identify Benefits

  • Baseline
    Achieve visibility into your organization’s assets, threats, and vulnerabilities
  • Monitor
    Gain insights into the impact of changes within your environments
  • Prioritize
    Quickly respond to emerging threats through risk-based prioritization
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