deepwatch SCORE - Corey Bodzin - BH2020


deepwatch SCORE – The first SecOps maturity benchmarking and planning app. Answers CISO Questions: How mature is my Security Program? How do I compare to my peers? What one thing should I do next?


Corey Bodzin, Chief Technology Officer, deepwatch

Corey Bodzin is accountable for driving deepwatch’s product vision and strategy from a services organization based around commercial solutions to a product driven organization with services built around its own intellectual property. Before joining deepwatch, Corey spent the last 15 years creating products at cybersecurity companies like ExtraHop, Tenable, RSA, and Qualys. Prior to that he was a user of the products as leader of security teams at Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, and Lucent. He is a cybersecurity veteran with 25+ years’ experience in driving thoughtful cybersecurity, risk management, and regulatory compliance for industries as diverse as energy, pharmaceuticals and financial services.

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