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Security leaders need to know how well they and their teams are doing in efforts to keep their organization safe from cyber attacks. This is exactly why we created deepwatch SCORE, a purpose-built web application that enables you to:

  • Quickly estimate your cybersecurity maturity score
  • See how it compares to your industry peers
  • View next steps you can take to improve
deepwatch SCORE

how it works

How it Works

deepwatch SCORE provides a customized view of each customer’s environment via log source collection, use case analytics, and collection coverage. By using deepwatch’s SecOps Maturity Model and information collected during customer on-boarding, deepwatch SCORE:

  • Supports data source ingestion at enterprise scale
  • Provides visibility into ongoing attacks/threats and applies a holistic view of a customer’s environment
  • Enables broad threat coverage and visibility across multiple business units in enterprise environments
  • Provides guidance on deepwatch recommended best practices to improve the collection, coverage, and overall Maturity Score
  • Shows your SecOps Maturity Score compared to your selected industry peers, where it is trending, and even how you compare to enterprises overall

Are you ready to understand your security posture and plan improvements in your defense capabilities – all in the palm of your hand?

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