Amplify Your Threat Detection & Response

with deepwatch + Splunk

deepwatch provides the capabilities of a modern, advanced security operations center (SOC) to customers, at a fraction of the time and cost of building and managing it on your own.

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deepwatch-Splunk Users-Flexibility

Flexibility +
Time to Value

The Splunk platform is mature and designed specifically to support a vast range of customer data sources for the ingestion of cyber threat intelligence. The context-rich alerts enable deepwatch security analysts to triage, escalate, and respond to customer security events quickly. Because Splunk has built-in capabilities, our customers see significantly faster time to value.

deepwatch-Splunk Users-Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence + Threat Protection at Scale

deepwatch is able to crowdsource threat intelligence across a broad range of customers to identify new threats by running the data through analysis, and then distributing the information to our customers automatically. When a new threat is found, we are able to anonymously collect indicators of compromise (IoCs) from one customer, aggregate the information, and distribute the threat intelligence and response actions to all customers in near real-time. This scaling ability gives customers a breadth and depth of threat intelligence and protection that would not be possible on their own. In fact, you will typically find the most accurate, relevant, and actionable cyber threat intelligence within your own network data, not via open source intelligence (OSINT) feeds.

deepwatch-Splunk Users-Custom Use Cases

Custom Use Cases, Reports + Dashboards

Customers are part of the deepwatch Core Values. That’s why we offer reporting, dashboards and custom use case development for our customers.

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deepwatch MDR + Splunk 24/7/365

deepwatch MDR offers visibility, validation + outcomes with 24/7/365 threat monitoring, alerting, validation, and proactive threat hunting. With Splunk fully integrated into the deepwatch SecOps Platform Technology, our certified Splunk engineers are able to reduce alerts, prioritize data sources and maintain the SIEM. With deepwatch MDR, the customer can expect its dedicated squad to:

  • Fortify Security Posture
  • Halt Sophisticated Threat Actors
  • Deter Future Attacks
  • Enhance Maturity through Visibility + Insights
  • Triage Intelligent Events
  • Apply Real-Time Threat Context
deepwatch-Splunk Users-Certified Engineers

Your Squad + Certified Splunk Engineers

With our innovative Squad Delivery Model, our customers have a team of experts dedicated to their account with a single point of contact and on-demand support.

deepwatch-Splunk Users-Customizable

Customizable + Rapid Onboarding

We understand that while every customer is different, the need to launch new security measures quickly and effectively is critical, regardless of a company’s industry, risks, or size. The Splunk solution offers deepwatch the ability to customize each SIEM deployment to ensure it meets every customers’ unique requirements, use cases, and operational environments.

deepwatch-Splunk Users-deepwatch and Splunk Interactive
deepwatch Building an Advanced Virtual SOC

Your time is valuable. That’s why the team of Splunk experts at deepwatch is dedicated to saving you time and frustration by optimizing your Splunk.

With deepwatch, you’ll receive only the most relevant events that protect your organization from threats. Download this case study to learn more.


Outsourcing SOC operations and working with an analytics-driven managed SIEM solution can save an organization up to


of the cost associated with building and managing these things in house.

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deepwatch + Splunk Use Case Overview

With the Splunk platform, deepwatch ingests logs, data, and CTI, and indexes those on a continuous basis, regardless of the source type. Armed with context rich alerts deepwatch security analysts and threat hunters promptly and expertly triage, escalate, and respond to security events. This ensures that our customers only need to focus on real threats and are armed with rich context for rapid response.

deepwatch leverages Splunk’s industry leading scalability, high availability, and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure quick new data source ingestion and coverage, as well as consistent MDR customer service delivery. Our customers know they are protected and can mature their security operations quickly and easily.

deepwatch tailors each customer’s Splunk deployment to ensure that it meets their unique criteria, security use cases, and environment. We monitor and alert what is critical and unique to each environment.

As customers grow their security capabilities and maturity, deepwatch is able to accommodate and meet new security use cases quickly by utilizing the Splunk platform and its rapid data ingestion and visibility capabilities.