Tim West

Field CTO

Loving life and the challenge of leading a world class team that is changing the game of security operations for our customers.

Past lives include leading and building consulting practices at some of the largest information security companies in the US, a boutique, my own firm, and as an InfoSec leader at a Fortune 25 company.

Experienced in SecOps, Program Development, Risk Management, Vulnerability Management, Pen Tests, GRC & IT Audit, Vendor/Contract Lifecycle Management, Project Management, Negotiations, and building security programs.

I'm passionate about InfoSec - the hacks, the industry, and everything that makes this one of the fastest and most exciting industries in IT. Looking to connect with others who feel the same! If you reach out, please provide some context. I don't accept invites from people I haven't met or been introduced through my networks that don't provide an introduction.