Optimizing Threat Detection and Response with Splunk

Learn How to Leverage Best Practices in Splunk with Deepwatch.

Threat detection and response are the cornerstones to standing up and running advanced and efficient security operations. Setting up technology and processes can empower you with critical visibility to get ahead of security threats. Prioritized data sources and routine tuning in Splunk can help separate the real threats from the daily flood of false-positives.

Watch our 30-minute discussion on how to optimize Splunk to improve your threat detection and response capabilities.

During the webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Technical tips and best practices for Splunk optimization
  • How to set a SOC up for success with MDR
  • How to improve your security maturity and effectiveness

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Featured Speakers

Wesley Mullins

Chief Technology Officer - Deepwatch

Micah Donald

Director, Operations Engineering - Deepwatch