Alleviating Alert Overload: Reducing Noise for Better Security Focus

Live Webinar | April 28 | 1PM ET

Most organizations see over 11,000 alerts per day from an average of 6.8 threat intelligence feeds, according to a 2020 Palo Alto networks report. With the overwhelming volume of alerts from various security tools, security analysts are unable to keep up with every new alert. With the lack of prioritization, alerts can slip through the cracks, increasing the risk of irreversible damage. The sheer volume of daily alerts leads to alert fatigue.

Join Deepwatch Field CTO, Tim West, for a live webinar on April 28th to learn how to rethink your alert management and security operations to reduce the noise and find better security focus.

Attendees can expect to learn:

  • Why traditional alert monitoring is not working
  • Rethinking alert management and security operations
  • How to take control of your alerts with managed detection and response

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Featured Speaker

Tim West

Field CTO, Deepwatch