Splunk Managed Security Services

deepwatch’s innovative cloud platform and borderless SOC extend our customers’ cybersecurity teams and proactively protect their brand, reputation and digital assets. Our powerful analytics platform analyzes billions of events each month and is trusted by an impressive list of Global 2000 companies to provide 24/7/365 managed security services.

deepwatch leverages Splunk as the core of our security operations. We standardized on Splunk as the best-of-breed SIEM technology for our Cloud SecOps Platform. We have fully integrated Splunk with our patent-pending Maturity Model, Security Content Library, Threat Intelligence, and our Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) platform to deliver the highest fidelity monitoring, alerting, and response capabilities.

Managed Detection & Response Powered by Splunk

Industry leading Splunk technology provides ability to grow with support for large scale data analytics and machine learning

Flexibility to continuously improve our strong integrations with Modern SOC technologies (SOAR, TIP, Cloud deployment, Case Management) and key security controls (EDR, Firewalls, Vulnerability Management, and more)

Custom built Security Use Cases, Reports, and Dashboards which benefit Security Operations and Executive teams


We’re Splunk Experts

  • Large team of experienced Splunk engineers
  • Leading threat detection, alerting and response fueled by rich context
  • Unmatched customer data usability, enrichment, availability, and portability
  • Customer specific deployments and Security Use Case execution

Splunk Managed Services
Use Case Overview

Log, Data, and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Ingestion for Context Rich Triage, Alerting, and Response

With the Splunk platform, deepwatch ingests logs, data, and CTI, and indexes those on a continuous basis, regardless of the source type. Armed with context rich alerts deepwatch security analysts and threat hunters promptly and expertly triage, escalate, and respond to security events. This ensures that our customers only need to focus on real threats and are armed with rich context for rapid response.

Scalability and Consistent Data Usability and Availability

deepwatch leverages Splunk’s industry leading scalability, high availability, and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure quick new data source ingestion and coverage, as well as consistent MDR customer service delivery. Our customers know they are protected and can mature their security operations quickly and easily.

Superior Customizability to Meet Unique
Customer Requirements

deepwatch tailors each customer’s Splunk deployment to ensure that it meets their unique criteria, security use cases, and environment. We monitor and alert what is critical and unique to each environment.

Customer Maturity and Use Case Sophistication Growth

As customers grow their security capabilities and maturity, deepwatch is able to accommodate and meet new security use cases quickly by utilizing the Splunk platform and its rapid data ingestion and visibility capabilities.

splunk managed services

deepwatch and Splunk team up to deliver exceptional results for a Healthcare client