Presenting the third annual Deepwatch Adversary Tactics and Intelligence Threat Report 2024

Deepwatch Products

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Reduce attack surface risk with Managed Endpoint Detection and Response.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Deepwatch Managed Endpoint Detection and Response detects and blocks relevant threats with our Deepwatch Experts working closely with customers to tailor endpoint security programs to their specific objectives.

Why Deepwatch

Improve attack surface coverage with Deepwatch managed EDR

  • Protect the most sensitive data on the endpoint and in the cloud
  • Extensive visibility with best-in-class endpoint management
  • Endpoint event prioritization that uses correlated threat intelligence
  • Early detection with alert enrichment that leverages ecosystem data
  • Fast, easy recovery from unauthorized changes
  • Remote workforce protection across multiple workstations and mobile devices

Endpoint Security with Deepwatch Managed EDR Services

Leverage Existing Tools

Deploy EDR technology that's right-sized for your organization - Deepwatch supports EDR technology from leaders in the EDR space, with a single, vendor-agnostic platform approach.

Experts in Enterprise Security

Leverage Deepwatch endpoint security expertise to manage EDR, build the right policies, and quickly recover from any unauthorized changes.

Proactive not Reactive

Enhance cyber defense capabilities beyond reactive threat defense - Proactively hunt and detect sophisticated threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Endpoint protection with Deepwatch managed EDR

Real-time monitoring and detection of threats checkmark
Visibility into processes, network, and user information on endpoints checkmark
Event prioritization with threat patterns across the enterprise checkmark
Expert endpoint management checkmark
Automated endpoint analytics checkmark
Isolate and quarantine suspicious or infected hosts checkmark
Automated remediation and rollback to earlier states checkmark

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