Deepwatch Enhances Capabilities with Open Security Data Architecture

Why Deepwatch

Leverage Existing Tools

Deepwatch leverages your existing security tool investments and helps you maximize their ROI.

Security Investments

Deepwatch helps SecOps leverage existing security investments

As an agnostic security provider, Deepwatch recognizes that the orchestration of tools from multiple vendors provides added flexibility and adaptability to improve your security posture.

We specialize in seamlessly integrating and orchestrating a wide range of tools, including managed endpoint detection and response, next-generation firewalls, and vulnerability management capabilities.

  • Make better use of security tool features
  • Identify potential blind spots or areas of vulnerability
  • Reduce alert volume and tickets
  • Fill expertise gaps due to security team staffing issues
  • Show a faster ROI on security tool spend

Tool Consolidation

Deepwatch helps consolidate security tools or gain more from existing features

On average, companies have 40-plus security controls and tools managed by different teams across their organizations. Deepwatch excels at facilitating this vital interaction, leveraging metrics, insights, and best practices specific to your industry.

Deepwatch Experts

See how Deepwatch experts leverage industry-leading tools such as AWS and Splunk

Deepwatch strategic alliance partners include the security infrastructure and detection tools your team already has in place such as AWS, Splunk, Tenable and more.

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