Deepwatch Announces Elite Strategic Partnership with CrowdStrike

Leverage Existing Data

Inputs unique to your environment create customized security outcomes.

The Deepwatch Security Platform relies on inputs unique to your environment and critical to your organization's security outcomes. We leverage and enrich your existing data, improve your attack surface management, and partner with you to establish stronger risk profiles.

Existing Tools and Sources

Your Security Data

Deepwatch leverages data from your existing tools and sources to detect and respond to threats in your environment based on your specific risk tolerances.

We collect telemetry and incorporate contextual awareness tailored to your organization and industry, ensuring comprehensive data ingestion by considering factors such as tool placement, configuration, compensating controls, and expected capabilities.

Exposure to Threats

Your Attack Surface

Your attack surface is unique, with many ways an attacker can gain access to your environment, from your corporate website to your VPN to unsecured APIs. Deepwatch experts help you identify assets on your attack surface, set risk tolerances for each, and establish a unique profile to reduce your overall risk exposure.

Unique Business Risk

Your Risk Profile

Deepwatch Experts partner with you to identify the critical assets in your environment, set risk tolerances for threat detection, and determine precise responses. This creates an experience and partnership that is tailored to your business and perfectly aligned with your needs.

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