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Deepwatch Threat Intelligence analysis and remediation recommendation for vulnerabilities and exploits.

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Social Engineering Overload

Learn how attackers use spam flooding, vishing, and Windows utilities to steal credentials and install tunnels in this detailed analysis

Gootloader Poisoned Blogs Uncovered by Deepwatch’s ATI Team
How Deepwatch’s Adversary Tactics and Intelligence Team Approaches Cyber Threat Intelligence

Understand Cyber Threat Intelligence and how the Deepwatch Adversary Tactics and Intelligence team approaches it

Deepwatch ATI detects and responds to never before discovered backdoor deployed using Confluence vulnerability for suspected Espionage
Meet the Threat: The Inside Workings of Magecart Breaches

Learn about the magecart breaches that have been attributed to cyber criminal elements at Ticketmaster, British Airways and more. Find details on the breaches

Profile of an Adversary – FIN7

The majority of companies in the Retail or Hospitality industries are sadly familiar with FIN7 and face many challenges in various environments. Learn more about FIN7

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