John DiLullo Joins Deepwatch as CEO, Charlie Thomas to Serve as Chairman

Deepwatch Experts

Customer Onboarding

Deepwatch onboarding engineers tailor engagements to your risk profile.

Proven Process

Deepwatch knowledge of your security goals and our security tool expertise ensure faster onboarding.

Deepwatch onboarding experts guide you through a proven process that enables the Deepwatch Managed Security Platform in your environment. Whether moving from an existing vendor, a new managed security service, or are in service migration from one set of technologies to another, Deepwatch onboarding experts bring knowledge and experience to expedite the process.

Onboarding project plan

Onboarding Engineers

Deepwatch customer onboarding experts understand your response workflows.

Our onboarding engineers assist in the initial tuning, risk profiling, dynamic risk scoring of alerts, and response workflows for your environment so that the Deepwatch Platform is tailored to your risk profile. Most customers are successfully onboarded, operational, and realizing security value in as little as 30 days.

Customer Onboarding

Deepwatch establishes a working relationship with your SecOps team.

The primary goals of the Deepwatch onboarding team are to ensure:

  • The customer environment is established in the Deepwatch Security Center
  • The Deepwatch tech stack is successfully deployed and configured accurately
  • Dynamic Risk Scoring log sources are ingested into Splunk and baseline tuned
  • Information systems are actively monitored by Deepwatch squad members
  • Threat escalation and triage processes are in place for security events
  • Access confirmed for all team members
  • Customer transitions to Delivery/Operations with a fully deployed solution

Deployment Approach

Deepwatch onboarding ensures log ingestion, alerting, and deployment occur all at once.

Deepwatch uses a parallel processing approach to onboarding. As a customer deploys, Deepwatch enables alerting in tandem with log source ingestion. This approach leads to faster deployment timelines and increased customer satisfaction.

Deepwatch's parallel processing approach to onboarding: Engage, Review, Deploy, Configure, Report, and Response

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