New Report: 2023 Deepwatch Annual Threat Report

Managed Detection and Response

Expert Managed Security

Visibility and contextual threat intelligence to rapidly identify, investigate, and resolve cyber threats.

Why Deepwatch?

Gain peace of mind that your enterprise is continuously protected by the industry-leading detection platform backed by a 24/7/365 MDR team of experts. Our innovative cloud-native security platform and threat intelligence automatically validate and correlate security events so you don't waste time dealing with overwhelming noise.

Deepwatch Secure Score, our patented maturity model, delivers a roadmap to consistently improve your security posture.


Extend your team and strengthen your SOC, with automated detection and response supported by expert Squads who always have your back.

improved  visibility

Improve visibility and decrease alert noise with our innovative Deepwatch Platform comprised of Deepwatch IP and industry-leading technologies.

increased ROI

Increase ROI and leverage your existing security solutions with expert engineering, tuning, and integrations.

stay vigilant

Stay vigilant and a step ahead of attackers with curated threat intel and expert guidance to improve your security posture.

Cyber Security Challenges

Securing today's distributed organization is difficult and costly. Exponential growth in remote work and data results in a greatly expanded attack surface and more exposure. Cloud and hybrid environments introduce additional complexity. Meanwhile opportunistic and determined threat actors are constantly finding new ways to breach defenses. Technology alone is not enough.

Scale icon

Lack of Scale

A shortage of skilled cyber security talent makes it difficult and costly to grow your team.

Inadequate Visibility icon

Inadequate Visibility

A tech stack of various technologies creates information silos, limiting visibility across the enterprise.

Limited Analytics icon

Limited Analytics

Overwhelming alert volume from siloed point solutions and data sources makes it difficult to analyze data to promptly identify malicious activities.

The Power of Deepwatch MDR By the Numbers


reduction in low and medium severity alerts


improvement in threat detection


return on cybersecurity operations investment

See your cost savings and ROI with Deepwatch MDR

Todays Complex Attacks Require Advanced Cyber Security Detection at Machine Speed & Scale

Today's complex threats manifest over time and are designed to evade the detection tools. Purpose built using advanced machine learning technology Deepwatch DetectML strengthens Deepwatch Managed Detection and Response service and Deepwatch Squad Expertise with threat detections by analyzing network data at machine speed.

Which Deepwatch MDR is Right for You?

  MDR Enterprise MDR Essentials
Squad Support Named Squad Named Account Manager, Essentials Squad
Data Ingest Capability Unlimited 25GB Daily Max
Security Monitoring 24/7/365 24/7/365
Customer Support 24/7/365 24/7/365
Deployment Custom to Environment Standard, Prioritized Log Sources
SIEM BYOL or Bundled, Full GUI Access Bundled + GUI Access
Alerting Tailored to risk tolerance Standard
Reporting Extensive custom insights Standard
Threat Intel Reports Weekly Quarterly
Business Reviews Quarterly Bi-Annually