Managed Detection
& Response

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services provide 24/7/365 threat monitoring, alerting, validation and proactive threat hunting. We provide comprehensive management of a suite of best-in-class security technologies and tightly integrate those with our innovative cloud SecOps platform and deepwatch IP and applications to deliver unparalleled outcomes. The result is that we only alert you to the most sophisticated security incidents. Merging our SecOps platform with relentless customer service, we’re redefining the way managed security services are delivered.

deepwatch-Managed Detection Response

deepwatch included as a leader in Forrester’s Now Tech: Managed Detection And Response Services Providers Report

What are the benefits of managed detection
and response services?

security posture

Visibility, measurement and transparency into your organization’s environment and  security posture

Threat actor

Intelligent triage to focus on the most critical incidents at the right time, leveraging SOAR and deepwatch’s unique IP and apps

Fast Acting

Real time threat context automated mapping to cut Mean Time to Detect and Respond (MTTD & MTTR)

  • 24/7/365 Alert Monitoring, Validation, Escalation
  • Comprehensive Platform Management
  • Access Exclusive Threat Detection Database
  • Active Threat Hunting
  • Curated Threat Intelligence

Our Approach

deepwatch MDR cyber security delivers an innovative, white glove solution for maintaining an updated view of information security risks across your organization. We provide senior leaders, IT and security personnel with around-the-clock monitoring of your organization’s assets using event monitoring of logs, automated mapping of use case data (SOAR), automated response and human contextual analysis, incident alerting and response, incident case management and threat hunting. What’s more, we assign a named deepwatch team of experts to each customer — known as our Squad Model. This model ensures continuity in context, providing seamless coverage of all aspects of monitoring our customers’ security operations.

Customers build strong relationships with our team, and know who to call for support, collaboration, and to resolve issues. As a result, we are hyper responsive and we partner closely with you to continually enhance your security posture and network defenses.

MDR Services: What You Get

Service and technology features include:

  • Exclusive Security Maturity Enhancement Engine (leverages the deepwatch Maturity Model to improve score)
  • Advanced Machine Learning & Behavioral Analytics
  • Integrations with Best of Breed Security Technology Solutions
  • Robust Testing Across All Supported Integrations
  • Custom Policy Development & Enforcement
  • Dashboards & Reporting with context from a named Squad
  • Direct Collaboration with Squad Security Specialists/Team
  • Mobile Application with vital metrics, license and data usage, advanced threat intelligence, and 24/7 access to Squads

what you get

Service Reference Architecture


Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike MSSP services that focus on firewalls and vulnerability management, MDR cyber security services proactively search out, validate, and alert organizations of detected current or incoming threats. This 24/7/365 threat monitoring features AI, machine learning, and our SecOps platform to streamline operations and present only the key details to customers. As a typically outsourced service, third-party MDR services let your business keep its focus on your business while your MDR team focuses on its protection.

MDR services work to address two different types of challenges: increasingly outdated technology that fails to adapt to updates and changes as well as increasingly creative threat actors that succeed in finding new holes in said outdated technology. Trying to keep up with both is difficult even for the best IT teams. Outsourcing this uphill battle to a team whose entire purpose is to fight the good fight means that your business is always covered, always protected, and always up-to-date.

By utilizing the partner and proprietary technologies of our Cloud SecOps platform, analysts have access to threat intel, analytics, security orchestration, and software that allows them to probe, simulate, detect and analyze incidents across your business’ security infrastructure. Examining behavioral analytics, incident reports, machine learning, and more, alerts are fired and patches are fixed quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

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