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Managed Detection and Response

Deepwatch managed detection and response services set the industry standard for hybrid security operations.

Why Deepwatch

Build Cyber Resilience with Deepwatch MDR

Our Managed Detection and Response product is enabled by the Deepwatch Managed Security Platform, providing customers with the tools and outcomes they need for cyber resilience.

Fast, precision response

  • Advanced threat analytics provide low-volume, high-fidelity alerts
  • Continuous threat hunting to detect evasive threats
  • Rapid response to minimize impact

Deepwatch experts extend your team

  • Managed by a squad of experts that understand your security technology
  • Deepwatch experts free your internal team to focus on critical business objectives
  • Improve work-life balance of your in-house security team

Experience exceptional ROI

  • Clear savings from outsourcing versus building and managing an in-house SOC
  • Optimize your existing security tech stack
  • Greater than 400% ROI on security investments

Tailored for your business

  • Patented Deepwatch Security Index drives the evolution of your unique security program
  • Technology and processes that are continuously tuned to specific risk profiles
  • Deepwatch experts help establish a blueprint for continuous improvement

Deepwatch Security Index

Our Patented Technology Improves Your Security Posture

The patented Deepwatch Security Index delivers a roadmap to reduce your risk and improve security posture. Deepwatch Managed Detection and Response utilizes the Deepwatch Security Index to continuously improve your security posture.

Securing the Modern Enterprise

Consistent Challenges in Cybersecurity

Securing today's distributed organization is difficult and costly. Exponential growth in remote work and data results in a greatly expanded attack surface and more exposure. Cloud and hybrid environments introduce additional complexity, meanwhile opportunistic and determined threat actors are constantly finding new ways to breach defenses.

Technology alone is not enough.

Skills Gap

A shortage of skilled cybersecurity talent makes it difficult and costly to grow your team.

Inadequate Visibility

A tech stack of various technologies creates information silos, limiting visibility across the enterprise.

Limited Analytics

Overwhelming alert volume from siloed point solutions and data sources makes it difficult to analyze data to promptly identify malicious activities.

By the Numbers


reduction in low and medium severity alerts


improvement in threat detection


return on cybersecurity operations investment

Product Datasheet

Deepwatch Managed Detection and Response

Intelligence-driven, advanced Managed Detection and Response for the cyber resilient enterprise.

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