Deepwatch Announces Elite Strategic Partnership with CrowdStrike

The Deepwatch Platform

Security Outcomes

High fidelity, low volume alerts meet precision response and measured security posture improvements with Deepwatch.

Business Driven Outcomes

Security Outcomes Driven By Your Unique Business Risk

Prioritize risks based on their potential impact, align security understanding throughout the organization, and drive cost-effective security outcomes with Deepwatch.

  • Security outcomes tied to business objectives
  • Improved vulnerability risk management
  • Improved threat detection and incident response

Visualize Risk Management

Deepwatch partners with your SecOps team to drive unique security outcomes.

The Deepwatch Managed Security Platform is a leading-edge engagement window that brings together your team and Deepwatch experts to understand the unique threats and vulnerabilities that can impact your goals and objectives.

High Fidelity, Low Volume Alerts

With Deepwatch Experts and our unique dynamic risk scoring engine, see alerts that matter.

Our framework enables advanced correlation and dynamic assignment of risk values to every alert. This unique Deepwatch approach results in an average 98% reduction in alert volume compared to traditional security providers while identifying 10 times more threats.

Precision Response

Combine automated response, customized playbooks, and your existing security tools.

With proper risk profiling and increased alert fidelity, you and your Deepwatch experts determine the right response at the right time to execute tailored response plans designed to contain threats faster with minimal disruption to your business.

Improved Security Posture

The patented Deepwatch Security Index leads you to an improved security posture.

The path to cyber resilience is a journey of continuous improvement. Deepwatch created a patented security index that adapts to your specific environment, guiding you towards an enhanced security posture. By tracking your score over time, you can monitor and demonstrate your progress and compare against industry peers.

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