Deepwatch Announces Elite Strategic Partnership with CrowdStrike

Deepwatch Experts

Adversary Tactics and Intelligence

Deepwatch customers gain a strategic advantage through our in-house threat intelligence unit.

Our Mission

Building Cyber Resiliency

Deepwatch Adversary Tactics and Intelligence (ATI) is a focused group of intelligence and DFIR security professionals specializing in understanding the adversary.

Our mission is to take what we learn about adversary objectives, tactics, and techniques, then operationalize intelligence to drive security & business outcomes.

Get Threat Ready

Review and Protect Your Attack Surface

At Deepwatch, being threat ready includes inspection not just of the detection tooling and controls in place, but also of the people, process, and technologies which are currently engaged in your organization.

Relentless Focus on Finding Bad

Deepwatch ATI is focused on finding emerging threats, including new ransomware techniques, zero days, and evasive malware. ATI actively hunts for undiscovered threats and new threat actors, creating global detections that benefit all our customers.

Adversary Intelligence

Collect and Analyze Data to Develop Intelligence

  • Customer Advisories
  • Weekly Intelligence Briefs
  • Threat Activity Intelligence Reports (TAIR)
  • BOLOs (Be On the Look Out)
  • Annual Intelligence Report

Adversary Research

In-depth Analysis to Operationalize Intelligence

  • Intelligence Based Hunting
  • Threat Detection Research
  • Breach Attack Simulation
  • Malware Analysis

Adversary Response

Incident Management & Forensics

  • 24/7/365 Response
  • Forensic Collection & Analysis
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Containment & Remediation Strategies
  • Attack Surface Management

Improved Outcomes

Adding Deepwatch ATI threat intelligence or direct threat hunting capabilities to your effort improves outcomes including:


  • Threat Identification
  • Forensic Threat Analysis
  • Enrichment
  • New Detections and Recommended Modifications.


  • Resource Allocation Strategies
  • Investment Considerations
  • Clearer Stakeholder Communication

Deepwatch Threat Intelligence

Curated cybersecurity threat intelligence to keep your organization and SOC ahead of the latest security threats and zero-day vulnerabilities.

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