Deepwatch Platform

Deeper insights. Faster response.

Analyze security data at scale, detect threats, and respond fast to mitigate the impact.

Collect Detect Respond

Curated threat intel, advanced correlation, and anomaly detection combined with rapid response enablement.


360° visibility with data analysis across endpoint, network, and cloud


Accelerated detection of threats that evade protective controls


Enable rapid response to contain threats and mitigate impact

The Deepwatch Platform

Deepwatch Platform
Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection & Response (MDR): Expert guided security operations for early detection and automated response to mitigate risk across the enterprise.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR): Unified visibility, detection, and remediation with best-in-class EDR technologies integrated with one security platform.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management (VM): Efficiently discover and remediate critical threats and patch vulnerabilities across the enterprise.

Managed Firewall

Firewall Management (FW): Monitor and maintain firewalls with policy enhancements based on asset criticality or business use, together with active response.

Why Does Security Operations Need a Platform?

The expanding attack surface combined with the skills shortage means most SOCs cannot absorb the growing complexity of security operations.

On average, enterprises have 40+ tools in their security stack, but still aren't getting the full value from their existing investments.

Management of cyber threat intelligence knowledge and observables is critical to detect and respond to advanced threats.

A unified platform that integrates best-in-class systems and drives improvements to security maturity enables security operations that scale.