Deepwatch Announces Elite Strategic Partnership with CrowdStrike

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Deepwatch Managed Security Platform

Technology, People, and Processes Designed to Build Cyber Resilience.

Our Approach

24/7/365 Cyber Resilience

The Deepwatch Managed Security Platform combines the technology, people, and processes for a hybrid, collaborative approach to measuring and improving cyber resilience.

  • Threat Management Capabilities our capabilities encompass an industry-leading security technology stack utilized by Deepwatch to proactively identify and address cyber threats.
  • The Deepwatch Security Center is the technological interface that connects industry-leading security tools with our security teams and ticketing systems
  • Deepwatch Experts, including named analysts, engineers, and threat hunters do more than augment your staff, they become an extension of your organization.

Explore the Deepwatch Managed Security Platform

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Interactive Deepwatch Managed Security Platform graphic showing the inputs, outcomes and what's included within the platform

The Benefits of the Deepwatch Managed Security Platform

Tailored for Your Business.

A security program based on your specific risk tolerances, desired security outcomes, and available resources.

Experts in Security.

Industry veterans and former CISOs who redefined the managed security industry.

An Extension of Your Team.

A team of experts you will know by name who help you monitor, manage, and respond to threats 24/7/365.

Transparency and Accountability.

A true partnership of engagement, responsibility, and collaboration to achieve your desired outcomes.

Precision Response to Threats.

Advanced correlation and dynamic risk threat scoring improve detection 10X and enable more precise responses.

Reduced False Positives.

The most advanced dynamic risk scoring engine reduces false positives by 98%, saving you time, money, and alert fatigue.

Improved Security Posture.

Our patented Deepwatch Security Index helps you continuously improve your security posture.

More Value from Your Existing Tools.

Make your existing tools more effective and integrate with best-in-class solutions for improved ROI.

Exceptional ROI.

Payback in less than 6 months from economies of scale, network effect, technology, and personnel savings adding to more than 432% per year.

Deepwatch Managed Security Platform Packages

Deepwatch Platform Core

Dramatically improve detection and response capabilities

Deepwatch Platform Advanced

Confidently configure and deploy endpoint prevention policies and improve response.

Deepwatch Platform Enterprise

Deeper insights into your organization's unique requirements, expanding response capabilities.

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