The Deepwatch Managed Security Platform: The Hybrid Security Approach to Cyber Resilience


The Growing Imperative of Cyber Resilience

The Deepwatch Managed Security Platform is our holistic approach to cybersecurity, combining industry-leading technology, security experts, and patented processes to improve your organization’s cyber resiliency.

Our managed security platform combines the technology, people, and processes for a hybrid, collaborative approach to measuring and improving your security program. Three key components include:

  • Threat Management Capabilities encompass the security technology stack utilized by Deepwatch to proactively identify and address cyber threats.
  • The Deepwatch Security Center provides an advanced engagement window to facilitate strategic and tactical conversations between you and your squad of Deepwatch Experts, providing improved visibility for proactive protection.
  • Deepwatch Experts, including named analysts, engineers, and threat hunters, do more than cover shifts 24/7/365, they become an extension of your organization.

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