Deepwatch Announces Elite Strategic Partnership with CrowdStrike

Why Deepwatch

Reduced False Positives

The Deepwatch Dynamic Risk Scoring engine sets the industry standard by leveraging advanced threat analytics to determine the likelihood of a threat evolving into a critical incident, all based on contextual criteria you define.

Reduce False Positives, See Escalations

Deepwatch Security Center Reduces Alert Fatigue with a Patented Process

  • Enriched data and Deepwatch threat analytics can result in a 98% reduction in false positives
  • Patented alert scoring algorithm is continuously tuned to your risk profile
  • Events tracked and correlated over an ongoing 30 day period

Better Threat Identification

Deepwatch Dynamic Risk Scoring Cuts Through Noise

By using dynamic risk scoring, Deepwatch ensures that activities identified as risk objects are continuously monitored, bringing any interconnected chain of events to your attention for further analysis, rather than dismissing them as insignificant noise.

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