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Advance toward
cyber resilience

Open Security Data Architecture

Data flexibility and hyperautomation will usher in a new era of security operations.

The Future of SIEM

Open Security Data Architecture

By transitioning from a centralized SIEM model to a distributed data architecture, the Deepwatch Open Security Data Architecture empowers companies to harness the full scope of AI and ML advancements. Embrace a future filled with opportunities for the security industry, grounded in a deeper comprehension of data and its capabilities.

A graphic showing centralized and decentralized data sources of a customer's security stack and how it ties into the Deepwatch Platform

The Power of Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation Leading Cyber Resilience

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional SOAR tools and first-generation SOAR capabilities. Hyperautomation allows companies to streamline security operations, execute playbooks, conduct analysis, and interact with data effortlessly.

Hyperautomation is bringing security operations into the future, allowing for additional capabilities like flexibility, complex logical decision trees, and scalability.

Beyond the Monolithic SIEM

Redefining Data Standards for Modern Security Operations

As we pave the way for measuring and enhancing cyber resilience, one common challenge persists among all our customers: data. Not only is there more data than before, but companies must consider the organization and accessibility of data.

Just as SIEM once revolutionized on-premise realities, our approach promises to redefine security operations for the modern era through standardizing data inputs/outputs or normalizing data at the logical layer providing operational flexibility and capabilities.

Security Data Flexibility

Decentralization of Data

The decentralization of data locations and enhanced availability herald a positive shift for the industry. Embrace the advantages of multi-cloud log storage, residing in cost-effective and stable environments, complete with user-friendly APIs and seamless access. It's time to rethink the conventional approach of consolidating data into centralized containers - true efficiency and cost-effectiveness lie in leveraging data directly from its diverse sources.


The Security Operations Center Cannot Hold

Cybersecurity continues to change and the SIEM market is no different. At Deepwatch, we observe the security market and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. In this whitepaper, we dive into the previous state, current state, and future state of the SIEM and cybersecurity overall.

Read about how the Deepwatch Open Security Data Architecture is the future of SIEM.

Next-Gen Security Operations

Open Security Data Architecture and CrowdStrike

Open Security Data Architecture is enhanced by CrowdStrike's Next-Gen SIEM, a continuation of Deepwatch's commitment to building cyber resilience for our customers and continuing to innovate and expand in the evolving cybersecurity market.

Evolving Partnerships

Open Security Data Architecture and Splunk

Open Security Data Architecture with Splunk is a powerful combination of the incredible data aggregation platform and visibility of Splunk, combined with the flexibility and precise response actions of the Deepwatch Security Platform.

Azure Environments

Open Security Data Architecture and Microsoft Sentinel

Open Security Data Architecture with Microsoft Sentinel empowers customers to maximize their Microsoft Sentinel instance, leveraging its alerts and investigation capabilities, while Deepwatch enhances the alert and logging stack for detection, correlation, enrichment, and response.

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