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SIEM Consolidation Shouldn’t Be Your Problem, But Is It?

Discover the impact of SIEM market consolidation on MSSP/MDR customers and the future of security operations in 2024.

Put On Your Cybersecurity Bicycle Helmet

Shift focus from constant threats in cybersecurity to prioritizing protection. Embrace cyber resilience for a safer digital landscape with this blog post.

From Traditional SOCs to a Unified AI Platform for Holistic Cybersecurity Operations

Learn about the elevated level partnership between Deepwatch and CrowdStrike, and the expanded capabilities it brings to the cybersecurity landscape.

When Security Solutions Become Security Liabilities: VPN Concentrators Are Under Attack

From the SOC, Tim Grossner discusses securing or migrating away from VPNs after the recent rash of high profile attacks on multiple vendors.

Data Integrity in Vulnerability Management

Discover practical recommendations for optimizing vulnerability management tools and leverage APIs to enhance reporting capabilities.

Enabling Security First Responders: The Golden Hour in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Understand the parallels between the "Golden Hour" in medical emergencies and the response time in cybersecurity incidents, and the potential consequences of delayed incident response.

Empowering SOC Analysts: How to Develop the Human Element of Cybersecurity

Look beyond where buzzwords like automation and artificial intelligence (AI) and learn how Deepwatch empowers our trusty SOC analysts

Endpoint Detection and Response Best Practices in 2024

Looking to deploy advanced EDR solutions? Leverage these 2024 best practices to ensure success in your Endpoint Detection & Response programs.

Securing Cloud Environments: Building Cyber Resilience with Deepwatch and AWS

Discover how the Deepwatch and AWS solution effectively addresses today's cloud security challenges and boosts organization's cyber resilience.

Deepwatch Engineers Drive Splunk Utilization

Dive in with Deepwatch's Sr. Manager of Platform Operations and Engineering as he breaks down the engineering teams role in Splunk utilization.

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