From Traditional SOCs to a Unified AI Platform for Holistic Cybersecurity Operations

By Curt Aubley, COO & Chief Product Officer

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This week you saw Deepwatch and CrowdStrike announce a strategic alliance partnership that will bring big change to the cybersecurity operations landscape. I wanted to bring you a little more insight into what this means and why Deepwatch and CrowdStrike are elevating our partnership to the Elite level.

For over 5 years, Deepwatch has been a CrowdStrike partner, offering multiple solutions that integrate the industry leading CrowdStrike Falcon Platform Endpoint Security module for our customers. Our move to Elite status with CrowdStrike is a direct extension of, and logical move from, that relationship. This widens the breadth of CrowdStrike AI-Native Falcon Platform that Deepwatch can bring our world-class security operations platform to.

Deepwatch is the leading managed security platform for the cyber resilient enterprise, and resiliency should be the operational goal that all enterprises should achieve, though they are challenged with multiple legacy point tools and platforms that are not effectively integrated together. This continues to result in overwhelming operations teams with false positives and limited visibility which stops them from delivering effective measured cyber outcomes. Recently, new tools and new capabilities that have been in development and promised have started to come into operation within the market. Deepwatch has long been an early identifier and adopter of industry-changing technologies and architectures, from most recently hyperautomation and Open Security Data Architecture, to early operationalizations in SOAR and ZTNA. Deepwatch continues this legacy with this Elite level partnership with CrowdStrike.

CrowdStrike’s Next-Gen SIEM, EDR, and other platform capabilities are an ideal full-stack security solution for Deepwatch to partner with, and our existing partnership made this an even easier choice. Indeed, this “best-of-breed” full-stack is unparalleled in our industry. Together, Deepwatch and CrowdStrike will bring a suite of improved capabilities to our customers:

  • Deepwatch Expert-led, 24/7 holistic security operations utilizing CrowdStrike Next-Gen SIEM.
  • Advanced correlation, enrichment, and response capabilities beyond the CrowdStrike ecosystem.
  • Ongoing engineering and active management of the advanced CrowdStrike Platform.
  • Optimized security operations and engineering practices.
  • Security Index measured and validated log sources and detection capabilities.

The Deepwatch Open Security Data Architecture is at the core of this integration. Cybersecurity change doesn’t happen overnight inside of our customer and future customer environments, and every environment has different needs in its cybersecurity programs. By leveraging both our existing capabilities and our expanded CrowdStrike capabilities, Deepwatch will be able to support the widest variety of security operations realities across organizations pursuing cyber resilience. Deepwatch will be able to help customers make the most of their existing security spend, and support the widest options for them as they integrate dissimilar security tools and capabilities via either Merger and Acquisition processes or their own decisions to migrate to different tooling solutions.

With this newly enhanced partnership and the solutions we will be announcing in the weeks to come, Deepwatch is offering a unique solution within the security operations space. Human-led security, free of “black box” solutions, supporting interoperability between best-of-breed security solutions and full-stack offerings, powered by the Deepwatch Platform and the Open Security Data Architecture. Consider this my invitation to you and your organization to join CrowdStrike and Deepwatch on this journey to ever-improving cyber resilience.

Curt Aubley, COO & Chief Product Officer

With an entrepreneurial collaborative approach to leadership, Curt Aubley has successfully energized teams, partners, and clients to catalyze the development of next-generation cloud native AI enhanced cyber platforms, products, and managed services. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of domains, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations and government entities, consistently achieving mission success, sales, and revenue growth. Curt is a former US Army officer and combat veteran that has held executive managing director, VP, CIO, CTO & GM positions with his own startups, Lockheed Martin, Intel Corporation, CrowdStrike, and Deloitte.

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