Innovators. Problem solvers. Engineers. Cybersecurity thought leaders. As individuals, our executive team has demonstrated success leading and growing cutting edge technology and cyber companies, and are recognized as leaders. Together, we’re a united force dedicated to helping organizations defend their brands. You know our mission, now meet the minds advancing the service of managed security.

Executive Team

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deepwatch Team Charlie Thomas BW

Charlie Thomas

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deepwatch Team Bobby Christian

Bobby Christian

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deepwatch Team Ron Peele BW

Ron Peele

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Corey Bodzin

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deepwatch Team Wesley Mullins BW

Wesley Mullins

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deepwatch Team Jen Swensson BW

Jen Swensson

Chief People Officer
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deepwatch Team Clayton Mascarenhas BW

Clayton Mascarenhas

VP, Delivery
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deepwatch Team Patrick Orzechowski

Patrick Orzechowski

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deepwatch Team Tim West

Tim West

VP, Delivery

Why We’re

Fewer Alerts
Less false positives
Unparalleled transparency into everything we do
Highly tailored service
A trusted partner, relentlessly committed to your success
Industry Leading Automation
Measurable, progressive improvements in overall security posture
Metrics, dashboards and benchmarking -- in the palm of your hand
Innovation and continual R&D advances drive the best cloud SecOps platform in the industry
Compelling ROI

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