John DiLullo Joins Deepwatch as CEO, Charlie Thomas to Serve as Chairman

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Threat Signal

A forensic focused operations service to enhance cyber resilience.

What is Threat Signal

Add Proactive Cyber Resilience to Your Efforts

The Deepwatch Threat Signal solution harnesses threat intelligence around attacker methodologies and objectives to provide customers with strategic focused operations, uncovering attack paths and identifying threats unique to your organization. Threat Signal is designed to find advanced cyber threats that have bypassed existing controls.

Outside-In Approach

Evaluate Exposure from Attacker Perspectives

Threat Signal is a specialized threat hunting and analysis solution that delves deeper into your attack surface than conventional security measures, providing a heightened level of confidence in uncovering and addressing any underlying threats within your organization and industry.

Threat Signal adopts an 'outside-in' perspective, evaluating your organization's externally accessible presence from the perspective of an attacker to pinpoint risky systems and services. This initial analysis serves as the foundation for advanced operations, powered by endpoint forensics and expert human-led insights.

Features & Capabilities

Focused Analysis, Accredited Threat Hunters, and Attack Surface Profiling

Deepwatch Threat Signal provides customers with insight into their organization's attack surface and overall cybersecurity posture.

Attack Surface Profile

Discovery of external areas of opportunity that an attacker could leverage against the organization.

Forensic Agent-Based Threat Hunting Engagements

Deepwatch will partner with your organization to ensure installation by your team of any required forensic agent.

Reporting and Reviews

  • Weekly intelligence brief reports
  • Summary presentations on the solution engagement status
  • Up to two executive reviews
  • Ad-hoc awareness briefs of security advisories
  • Annual intelligence reports

Malware Analysis

Collected malware will be analyzed by Deepwatch's Adversary Tactics and Intelligence (ATI) team.

Deepwatch Experts

Experienced, Certified Threat Intelligence Professionals

Threat Signal leverages top-tier Deepwatch experts for threat hunting, cyber forensic engineering, attack surface analysis, threat analysis, and security vulnerability assessment.


Years of combined experience


Certifications across the team


Incident responses in 2023

Why Deepwatch

Trusted Experience and Expertise

Deepwatch is uniquely positioned to deliver the Threat Signal solution with our hybrid security operations and emphasis on the importance of human-led security.

The Deepwatch ATI team is made up of an experienced team of experts who are trusted to hunt the adversary and help customers gain increased cyber resilience, preparing them to meet complex threats where they hide.

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