Deepwatch Announces Elite Strategic Partnership with CrowdStrike

Why Deepwatch

Tailored For Your Business

Deepwatch Security Platform technology, people, and services are tailored to each organization's desired security outcomes, with technology and processes that are continuously tuned to specific risk profiles.

Unique Organizational Risk

Deepwatch solutions tailored to your business

  • Security tools tuned for visibility across your unique attack surface
  • Deepwatch Dynamic Risk Scoring customizes alerts to your business risk
  • Best return on your security investments in AWS, Splunk, Crowdstrike
  • Patented Deepwatch Security Index helps you measure and drive the cyber resiliency for your security team and business

Tuned to Your Risk Profile

Deepwatch experts work directly with your team to secure your environment

Every organization has a unique security challenge. Deepwatch takes a customized approach to every customer, tailored to each organization's risk tolerance and security outcome goals.

Deepwatch Security Platform

See board-ready reports, with metrics that address your unique security posture

The Deepwatch Security Center helps security teams deliver better narratives, with reports that help both technical and non-technical stakeholders see threats and risk reduction efforts.

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Ready to Become Cyber Resilient?

Meet with our managed security experts to discuss your use cases, technology and pain points and learn how Deepwatch can help.