John DiLullo Joins Deepwatch as CEO, Charlie Thomas to Serve as Chairman

The Deepwatch Platform

Compare SecOps Approaches

A hybrid security operations partnership provides greater flexibility and better outcomes.

Deepwatch Hybrid Security

Security teams have options when adding managed detection and response staff or capabilities to their evolving programs.

People-focused Models

  • Based on staffing current security operations with additional bodies on site, or via remote teams of resources from offshore locations
  • Provide coverage when the existing security team is unavailable, or resources are brought in for periods of time
  • Assume the policies, processes, and playbooks of the company they are contracted with
  • While they provide staff, they do not focus on team or process improvements

Technology-focused Models

  • Based on improving security through prescriptive technology based solutions
  • Very selective in the technologies they work with and within, focus more on solving security issues with their technology
  • May interrupt existing policies, processes and playbooks, or replace them in whole
  • Large vendors offer services and features that require human interaction to be effective

Hybrid Security Models

  • Blend both the augmentation and technology models of security operations
  • Fewer outsourced and pooled resources than staff augmentation models
  • Experience and support of multiple vendors of enterprise grade software
  • Security experts on staff and assigned to work with specific customers that enable resource coverage and consistency
  • Ability to guide and improve existing security policies, procedures and configurations based on industry and company best practices

The Deepwatch Difference

Technology, automation and process, executed by advanced security experts lead to exceptional ROI.

The security operations space is served by a variety of providers, varying in approach, capability and delivery models. Deepwatch is committed to delivering a hybrid security operations model to the market that is powered by technology, automation and process and executed on by top tier security operations veterans.

Effective Hybrid Security

Deepwatch's cyber security platform and advanced experts maximize the value of your existing security tools.

Deepwatch offers a hybrid security operations support model for customers looking to build true cyber resilience. We drive advancements to our customer's security posture by building upon and maximizing the value of their existing security tools.

  • Deepwatch's cybersecurity platform leverages customer's existing security point tools to provide high fidelity, low volume alerting
  • Drive cyber resilience by continuously making decisions on the value of your security data sets by incorporating contextual information based on your organization and industry
  • Deepwatch experts, available 24x7, which range from analysts to seasoned engineers and advanced cyber pros

Collaborative Security

Deepwatch value lies in the work we do together.

See how the Deepwatch Security Platform technology, people, and processes stack up to other security approaches. Deepwatch experts and the Deepwatch Security Center set the industry standard for managed security.

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