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Use Cases

Read how Deepwatch threat management capabilities help our customers address critical business risks.

Email and Business Email Compromise Attacks


Phishing is a technique designed to deceive users into providing sensitive information such as account credentials, typically executed through an email or website masquerading as a legitimate business or reputable person. Deepwatch helps reduce the effectiveness of phishing attempts.

Growing Threat


Ransomware attacks deploy malicious software to encrypt the environment and extort businesses for large sums of money. Your ability to detect ransomware in time can keep your organization out of the news and prevent damage to your brand.

Nation-State Actors

Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are often tied to nation states or state-sponsored groups with sophisticated levels of expertise and significant resources. They typically target certain industries or government agencies and have specific goals, and have been known to take advantage of business networks. Deepwatch employs an advanced approach to threat intelligence and threat hunting, key to discovering and identifying potential threats from APT groups.

Contractors or Ex-employees

Insider Threats

An insider threat comes from the people inside an organization, such as employees, former employees, and contractors. These people have insider knowledge of your environment, controls, and security policy, and may be well equipped to evade detection. The ability to understand digital identities within your environment, together with advanced correlation and anomaly detection, allows quick identification and prevention of exfiltration of proprietary company data or intellectual property.

Misconfiguration Threats


Cloud transformation is at the top of most organizations' priority lists as industries move towards cloud-native infrastructure to support today’s work-from-anywhere business model. These migrations introduce new risks and threats as they often happen faster than security measures can keep up. Ephemeral assets or compute capabilities in cloud environments can spin up and down before security may even be aware of their existence. Evolve your detection and response capabilities to align with these new threats and cloud native techniques.

Human or Machine


The availability of sensitive information, both personal and professional, has grown exponentially with the acceleration of digital transformation and widespread adoption of remote work. Compromised identities can be difficult to detect as traditional tools don’t have the ability on their own to distinguish between a real user and a compromised user. A deeper level of visibility, together with the ability to correlate events across disparate systems and create risk profiles, reduces the time needed to identify and mitigate these compromises.

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