Deepwatch Enhances Capabilities with Open Security Data Architecture

Why Deepwatch

Transparency and Accountability

Deepwatch experts improve security program transparency, engagement, and communication to achieve the best outcomes.

Better Security Narratives

Gain greater transparency, clear accountability with Deepwatch

  • Partnerships built on transparency, shared responsibility, and mutual accountability
  • Consistent operational model focuses on deep engagement, direct communication, and security posture planning
  • Board-ready reports help security teams build clear narratives about threats or security team progress and ROI

Tailored Security Outcomes

Deepwatch Understands Your Environment and Risk

Deepwatch experts engage with your security team to determine detection prioritization and response actions that are right for your organization to achieve the security posture you desire. With Deepwatch, you see what we see. There is no black box of anonymous alerts or events.

The Deepwatch Security Center provides a consolidated view of alert volume, incidents, and actions in ways that make it easy for analysts to communicate security effectiveness to other stakeholders.

Deepwatch Security Center

Discover the bridge between your SOC and Deepwatch security experts

The Deepwatch Security Center provides a single, unified dashboard between your SOC and our technology and services. No more swiveling chair management of disparate tools.

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