Reseller Partners

deepwatch-Reseller Partners

Building Strong Revenue-Generating Partnerships

Our partnership program strives to support your business growth goals by empowering you with tools, templates, demos and in-person sales support to help you grow your business.

Our highly selective process allows us to focus on the right partners where we have strategic go-to-market alignment and strong commitment from both parties to aggressively drive joint revenue while addressing our customers’ most significant operational security challenges.

Our primary objective is to build a strong revenue-generating partnership based on our ability to help our partners introduce or expand on their delivery of advanced Managed Detection & Response services. We are 100% committed to being your most important go-to partner so that we can take full advantage of a global Managed Security Services market.

Partner Benefits

Marketing Tools

Collateral, presentations, marketing programs, and other tools that help you generate sales opportunities.

Sales Tools & Incentive Programs

Sales tactics, incentive programs, and sales tools to drive growth and close deals. The more our partners sell the more they earn.

Deal Registration

deepwatch has a Deal Registration program that is designed to quickly and easily allow partners to register opportunities. deepwatch is proud to reward our partners for identifying, developing and closing new deals.

Training & Support

We are committed to arming our partners for success. We provide all of the training necessary to become intimately familiar with our services so that our partners can easily communicate our value to their customers.

what we offer

What We Offer

  • Recurring Revenue Annuity for the life of the customer
  • Aggressive margins
  • Predictable revenue stream — consistent discount on renewals
  • Positive annual recurring revenue — 115% annual growth on average
  • Exceptional customer retention — 96% customer renewal rate
  • Deal registration protection
  • Market Development Funds (MDF) to drive awareness and joint pipeline growth