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Risk mitigation strategies for significant vulnerabilities and large scale attacks targeting organizations and governments.

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Operation I like to MOVEit, MOVEit; Active Exploitation of MOVEit Transfer Leads to Data Theft

An unknown threat actor has successfully exploited the vulnerability in Progress Software's MOVEit Transfer product

Deepwatch Detects Webshell Activity After Suspected Exploitation of a Critical Vulnerability in Progress Software’s MOVEit Transfer Product

Deepwatch detects webshell activity after suspected exploitation of a critical vulnerability in Progress Software’s MOVEit product

Early Discovery by Deepwatch ATI Finds Adobe ColdFusion Threats

Deepwatch investigation found threat actors utilizing an undisclosed vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion. Learn what happened and what you should do

Significant Cyber Event | Log4j Zero-day With Proof-of-Concept Code and Active Scanning Gets Security Fix

The Apache Software Foundation has issued an emergency security update to the Java library Log4j after a security researcher released proof-of-concept code and reports of active scanning for vulnerable servers

Significant Cyber Event | Exchange Exploitation and Labor Day Weekend

With the recent Exchange Server exploitation being seen “in the wild” and with the upcoming Labor Day holiday, the deepwatch Threat Intelligence Team has high confidence that organizations are at an increased risk

Significant Cyber Event | Microsoft Exchange Servers are being Actively Scanned for ProxyShell

Microsoft Exchange Servers are being Actively Scanned for ProxyShell, an MS Exchange vulnerability

Significant Cyber Event | CVE-2021-36934 – SeriousSAM Microsoft Windows 10 Vulnerability

Deepwatch is currently tracking and responding to the discovery of CVE-2021-36934 SeriousSAM, a 0-day Microsoft Windows 10 Vulnerability

Significant Cyber Event | Intelligence Report – Nobelium

Deepwatch is currently tracking and responding to Microsoft’s report regarding the Nobelium, the threat actor group behind the Solarwinds campaign

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