Expanding Cyber Resilient Operations

Next-Generation Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

The Deepwatch holistic security operations approach, combined with the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform delivers the next generation of endpoint protection.

Overcoming Security Operations Problems

Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges for EDR

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technologies have come a long way, but enterprises still suffer from long standing issues.

Outdated Technology Stacks

Many organizations rely on outdated technology due to operational needs, budget constraints, time limitations, or system complexity. This prevents organizations from standardizing on best-of-breed endpoint detection and response technologies, limiting the coverage needed to achieve cyber resilience.

Lack of Staffing and Expertise

The security industry faces a shortage of experienced operators and engineers for analyst and operational roles, leading enterprises to seek external, certified partners for quick deployment, ongoing guidance, and 24/7 analysis and response.

Limited Technical Capabilities

Business priorities and budget constraints can limit technology deployment. Endpoint programs may only partially utilize available actions due to insufficient asset information, risk understanding, and institutional history.

Visibility and Understanding

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technologies focus on endpoint awareness, alerting, and responses. However, detection needs multiple telemetry sources for thorough analysis and action, as endpoint alerts often signify the final attack stage.

Comparison Chart

Traditional MEDR vs Deepwatch NG-MEDR

Discover the future of cyber resilience with Deepwatch NG-MEDR. Our cutting-edge technology combined with expert MDR (Managed Detection and Response) services empowers you to embrace innovation while ensuring holistic security operations. Operating within the Deepwatch Open Security Data Architecture, our offering delivers unmatched cyber resilience for your organization.

Stand-alone Solution - MEDR Only Holistic Solution - MDR + MEDR
Limited Scope to Endpoint alerts and telemetry Holistic visibility to multiple telemetry and event sources
Response actions based only on endpoint data Response actions from a range of trusted sources
Limited conditions for response actions Flexible response actions based on expert guidance and environmental conditions
Response actions API-based only Matured endpoint program that knows automation and API connections work
  Certified human experts can verify and extend response actions

Strategic Endpoint Protection

Strategies to Achieve Cyber Resilient Outcomes

  • Proactive

    • Develop and Mature Endpoint Program - Develop an endpoint security program beyond agent checks and statistics. Ensure continuous technology deployment and program improvement to maintain system security.
    • Collaborate with Business and Operations - Work closely with business and operational teams for thorough endpoint testing, action validation, rollback capabilities, and active threat blocking.
    • Integrate Multiple Detection Technologies - Correlate endpoint data with best-of-breed detection technologies and enterprise telemetry for a holistic security perspective.
    • Measure and Improve Security - Utilize our patented Security Index to measure and continuously improve.
  • Operational

    • Rapid Response to Threats - Sub-minute, machine speed response to ensure swift and effective threat mitigation.
    • Comprehensive Endpoint Reaction - Respond to endpoint threats based on actions and detections in other areas, ensuring a cohesive defense strategy.
    • Diverse Response Options - Employ multiple response paths, considering business needs, operational constraints, and dynamic risks, for tailored and effective responses.
    • Flexible Operational Model - Benefit from a flexible operational model and expert guidance to adapt to evolving security challenges and requirements.
    • 24/7/365 Expert Analysis and Response - Access round-the-clock.
  • Preventative

    • Prioritize Response Plan Updates - Update response plans and capabilities based on known threats and patches to stay ahead of evolving security challenges.
    • Build a Cyber Resilient Enterprise - Create a cyber resilient enterprise that detects and responds to threats through multiple channels, ensuring a holistic and programmatic approach to security.
    • Unified Security Platform - Establish and improve your enterprise's cyber resilience for alerting, detection, and response with the help of certified multi-discipline experts and a unified security platform.

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