deepwatch Customer Achieves

442% ROI from MDR Service

Forrester Study finds deepwatch MDR provides its customers with:

  • Efficiency gains through automation
  • Reduced event response cost
  • Retired legacy system and maintenance

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442% ROI*
Experienced Benefits of $10.15 Million Over 3 Years

Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By deepwatch MDR

The report showcases key findings, including quantified benefits such as risk adjusted present value (PV), unquantified benefits and costs and more.

Analysis of Benefits and Cost

  • Efficiency Gain Through Automation
  • Reduced Event Response Cost
  • Retired Legacy System – SIEM Management
  • Fees paid to deepwatch

The deepwatch

With deepwatch Managed Detection & Response you get unrivaled security expertise, world class customer service, and the confidence that you are identifying and responding to your most critical alerts.

  • Named squad service
  • Comprehensive coverage via the industry’s most advanced cloud
    SecOps platform
  • deepwatch SCORE Maturity Model
  • 24/7/365 threat monitoring, alerting, validation and proactive threat hunting
  • On-the-Go SOC Insights with deepwatch Mobile