Deepwatch Helps Retail Bank Security Team Improve Cyber Resilience

One large regional retail bank counts on Deepwatch experts to extend coverage, communicate security effectiveness, and improve postures.

Deepwatch works directly with a large retail bank’s in-house security team to help improve the company’s cyber resiliency, increasing coverage and expertise. In addition to managed detection and response, Deepwatch helps co-manage their firewall, and helps teams build better narratives with other stakeholders.


A large retail bank faces threats that are growing in complexity and volume, in one of the most highly-regulated, highly-targeted industries. Mergers and acquisitions helped to create complexity across divisions while the number of SecOps roles remained limited. 

“The challenge today will always be the challenge, I think, for the rest of my career for the rest of anybody’s career within cybersecurity, which will always be people,” said the Security Operations Manager for the bank. “It would be protecting people, training people, there will always be a larger need and people will always be our biggest deficiency.”

Deepwatch Experts Extend Security Capabilities

“Deepwatch is an extension of my team. That’s what I always tell everyone, right?” he said. ”Within the security operations department, we only have a couple of analysts that don’t have to do a plethora of other, day-to-day functions to just make sure that we’re operational. So Deepwatch definitely assists me in maintaining that security, vision and that security posture for us.”

“What I absolutely love about Deepwatch is it’s the same team, it’s the same people. Other MSPs have a cookie cutter approach, where they can just send a ticket to anybody when they see an alert. Often that person doesn’t even know your organization, and doesn’t understand your environment.”

“That’s what we get out of Deepwatch. We get that structured relationship, that bond as an extension of our team. It’s like ‘Hey, over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen this, looks like a false positive, maybe we could tune it out. Let’s take a deeper dive.’ That is what I need. That’s what I get from Deepwatch.”

Deepwatch Extends Firewall Coverage

Deepwatch co-manages firewall security with the bank’s security team, providing confidence when changes need to be made.

“So the relationship from a firewall perspective is really co-managed,” he added. “But when I say co-manage I mean Deepwatch does heavy lifting. We have the most reliable gentleman on the Deepwatch side, that I absolutely love and adore. So there is a very high likelihood that if a firewall change needs to occur, I’ll have Deepwatch implement it for us. Everybody agrees internally. If there’s a call that’s needed, or an email, or Splunk message, whatever, just to clear up a couple of things between our network guys, the security team, and Deepwatch, we just all unite. All of us agree and then say, “Deepwatch, go do great things for us, please.”

Deepwatch Solutions

Human-led, expert coverage that understands the Financial Services industry.

Deepwatch provides 24/7/356 human, US-based coverage as an extension of your security team. A dedicated Deepwatch squad, including analysts and detection engineers with deep security tool expertise, help SecOps teams focus on security outcomes unique to their environment. Along with improved detection through machine learning and active threat hunting, Deepwatch extends response capability speed, expertise, and coverage.

Read the complete case study to learn how Deepwatch is committed to cyber resilience unique to the financial services industry.

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