New Report: 2023 Deepwatch Annual Threat Report

Meet your Squad

Your Deepwatch MDR services include your named Squad, a team of security operations experts focused on your environment, managing your security operations 24/7/365.

Work with Experts Who Know Your Environment

Extend your SecOps capabilities with your Deepwatch Squad, a group of U.S.-based experts that address any skills gaps on your team and reduce alert fatigue, so your team can focus on strategic initiatives.

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Your In-House Team of Alert Fatigue and False Positives

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on what matters with advanced correlation & anomaly detection

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Access to Experts who Know Your Environment

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with Your Squad Real Time and Act Fast

Why Deepwatch Squad?

Deepwatch Squad
Expert Guided MDR icon

Expert-Guided MDR
Extend your SecOps team with a focused team of experts providing continuous monitoring, accelerated detection and rapid response to threats.

24/7/365 Collaboration icon

24x7x365 Collaboration
Connect with U.S. based security experts who know your environment 24/7/365 using phone, Slack, email, and Deepwatch Mobile

High Fidelity Alerting icon

Low Volume High Fidelity Alerting
Leverage Deepwatch Platform to deliver tailored security solutions that reduce false positives and deliver high-fidelity alerts to customers.

Continuous Improvement icon

Continuous Improvement
Leverage Deepwatch's Secure Score to build a blueprint for continuous enhancements to your security program.

Meet Your Deepwatch Squad

Your Squad is a team of experienced cyber security professionals named as assigned resources for you and your organization. This close relationship strengthens team collaboration and alert triage, so you know exactly who to call, who you can collaborate with, and who is watching your network. Explore the roles on your Squad.

Deepwatch Squad

Squad Manager

The Squad Manager is an information security professional with extensive experience who oversees daily operations and has primary responsibility for the Squad's performance and customer satisfaction.

Lead Analyst

The Lead Analyst is the technical lead for the MDR service. The Lead Analyst provides subject matter expertise, fields technical requests, and serves as the escalation point for security events.

Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success Manager proactively orchestrates the customer's journey to ensure all needs are met. The Customer Success Manager works closely with customers to ensure any issues are quickly resolved and that their security maturity grows along with their internal capabilities and security needs.

Security Analysts

The Security Analysts monitor and alert on security events 24/7/365 in five regularly defined shifts during the week. The Security Analyst most often interacts directly with the customer.

Threat Hunter

The Threat Hunter investigates, identifies, and reports on threats and patterns. Threat Hunters require knowledge of adversarial behavior in each customer's daily work patterns. Threat Hunters also develop threat profiles from Deepwatch data, our Threat Intelligence platform, publicly available intelligence, and customer provided information.

Squad Support Services

These address the many service-related modifications and updates that occur in daily operations. These detection engineers, solutions specialists, and other cybersecurity experts ensure that the Deepwatch platform and integrated systems meet uptime requirements, are patched regularly, and are updated with the latest content and feature updates.