Deepwatch Announces Elite Strategic Partnership with CrowdStrike

Deepwatch Experts

Meet Your Team of Experts

Deepwatch Squads are made up of Deepwatch Experts who protect your business 24/7/365

Extend Your Team

Your Deepwatch Squad is an invaluable extension of your security team and program.

Deepwatch pioneered a new model in the managed security space with the introduction of the Squad model.

your in-house team of alert fatigue and false positives

on what matters with high fidelity, low volume alerting

access to Deepwatch experts who know your environment

with Deepwatch experts easily and directly

Our unique approach is widely recognized as the gold standard for enterprise-class managed security, as evidenced by the customer endorsements Deepwatch has earned and the industry accolades we've received.

Deepwatch Labs

As a proactive partner, we never stop watching.

We publish Deepwatch Labs threat reports every week. These weekly reports include critical security events and content along with targeted and general threat hunts. We provide immediate notification of potential malicious activity, which ensures peace of mind for our customers.

Leveraging the knowledge gained from one customer's environment and applying it across our customer base means all our customers sleep better knowing they have extra protection from the Deepwatch network effect.

Why Deepwatch Squad?

Experience the benefits of the Deepwatch Squad

Deepwatch Squad
  • Experts in Security
    Extend your team with a focused team of experts providing continuous monitoring, accelerated detection, and rapid response to threats.
  • Transparency and Accountability
    Connect with U.S.-based security experts who know your environment 24/7/365 using phone, Slack, email, and the Deepwatch Security Center
  • Low Volume, High Fidelity Alerting
    Leverage the Deepwatch Managed Security Platform to deliver tailored security solutions that reduce false positives and deliver high-fidelity alerts to customers.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Leverage Dynamic Risk Scoring to build a blueprint for continuous enhancements to your security program.

The Deepwatch Squad

Security Operations Engineers

Deepwatch Security Operations Engineers are responsible for the management and overall health of your security environment. They ensure data is ingested properly, modeled correctly, and used efficiently by you and your Deepwatch experts.

Threat Hunters

Deepwatch Threat Hunters are the best in the industry. They work with you to create relevant and timely threat hunts, proactively searching for the latest indicators of compromise and behaviors of threat actors that could be targeting you.

Customer Success Managers

Deepwatch Customer Success Managers are industry veterans who know security. Their goals are to ensure the success of our partnership, focus on your desired outcomes and execute the plan for improved security posture.

Security Analysts

Deepwatch Security Analysts become a true extension of your team, working side-by-side with you, 24/7/365, learning your unique environment and risks. They are responsible for incident triage, investigation, and response processes.

Subject Matter Expert Engineers (Endpoint, Firewall, Vulnerability and Cloud)

Deepwatch subject matter experts are industry and technology certified practitioners in their respective areas. They provide management, monitoring and guidance for critical security technologies within your environment so that policies are configured and tested based on industry and technology best practices.

Detection Engineers

Deepwatch has a dedicated team whose sole focus is the management, enablement, and application of our detection catalog. Deepwatch Detection Engineers ensure that detections are built and tested against the latest threats and attack techniques to keep our catalog in lockstep with the ever changing threat landscape.

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