Meet Your Squad

Extensive experience across our team has led us to an important realization too often overlooked: each organization has unique aspects and requirements for its cyber solutions. No team is exactly the same and your threats aren’t either. We developed the Squad Delivery Model to foster collaborative, high touch, tailored services that meet your specific needs and requirements. You work with the same people, all the time. Why work with just anyone when you can work with your Squad?

deepwatch-Meet Your Squad

The Squad Delivery Model

Most MSS and MDR providers support a broad range of security technologies and point solutions. This jack of all trades, master of none approach results in unfiltered alerts and overload for your team with nominal value add. Tailored services are virtually nonexistent.  These providers say they’re an extension of your team, but the results say otherwise. We developed the Squad Delivery Model precisely for that reason. Find out why customers choose deepwatch and never look back.

How it Works

Customers are at the core of everything we do. We assign a team of seasoned security experts to each organization. These security experts are named resources for each customer, fostering strong relationships between teams so you know exactly who to call, and who you will be collaborating with.


Key Benefits

Consistent Collaboration

Cybersecurity is a collaborative process. In order to foster true collaboration with our customers, our approach to managed security services is fundamentally different from the industry.

Deep Customer Experience

Each squad is highly focused on understanding the nuances of their respective customers, working directly with them. Our squad model ensures continuity and context, providing seamless coverage of all aspects of monitoring your security operations.

Real time Communication

Our customers have visibility into everything we do, including full access to their environment and the data collected, analyzed and alerted.

We are available in real time via chat, videoconference, or email; securely and conveniently 24/7/365.

deepwatch Careers What We Value

Roles & Responsibilities

deepwatch Squads have
dedicated professionals such as:

deepwatch Squad Delivery Model Squad list graphic

An information security professional with extensive experience who oversees daily operations and has primary responsibility for the squad’s performance and customer satisfaction.

The customer success manager proactively orchestrates the customer’s journey to ensure all needs are met. The customer success manager works closely with customers to ensure any issues are quickly resolved and that their security maturity grows along with their internal capabilities and security needs.

The analyst monitors and alerts on security events 24×7 in five regularly defined shifts during the week. The security analyst most often interacts directly with the customer.

The threat hunter investigates, identifies and reports on threats and patterns. Threat hunters require knowledge of adversarial behavior in each customer’s daily work patterns. Threat hunters also develop threat profiles from deepwatch data, our threat intelligence platform, publicly available intelligence and customer provided information.

These address the many service related modifications and updates that occur in daily operations. These engineers, solutions specialists and other cybersecurity experts ensure that the deepwatch platform and integrated systems meet uptime requirements, are patched regularly and are updated with the latest content and feature updates.