Accelerate Cyber Resilience

Deepwatch Open Security Data Architecture and Microsoft Sentinel

Further support for a modular approach to data input, providing customers with heightened cyber resilience.

Flexibility and Innovation

Expanded Support for Microsoft Sentinel with Deepwatch OSDA

By adding support for Microsoft Sentinel, Deepwatch continues to prove the value and innovation of our Open Security Data Architecture (OSDA). With OSDA, customers can maximize their security operations with enhanced alerting, investigation capabilities, and threat intelligence with the flexibility of multiple data sources, beginning with Microsoft Sentinel.

The Future of SIEM

Open Security Data Architecture

By transitioning from a centralized SIEM model to a distributed data architecture, the Deepwatch Open Security Data Architecture empowers companies to harness the full scope of AI and ML advancements. Embrace a future filled with opportunities for the security industry, grounded in a deeper comprehension of data and its capabilities.

How It Works

Visual Representation of OSDA + Microsoft Sentinel

Deepwatch offers extensive experience and understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem, facilitating efficient operationalization and growth. Customers can fully utilize Microsoft Sentinel's alert and investigation capabilities while Deepwatch bolsters detection, correlation, enrichment, and response capabilities.

Deepwatch Support for Microsoft Sentinel

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports Existing Microsoft Environment: Seamlessly integrates with your current Microsoft Sentinel setup without disruption.
  • Augments Detection and Alert Capabilities: Enhances detection and alert capabilities, empowering your security operations.
  • Extends Correlation and Enrichment: Integrates with log sources and tools beyond the Microsoft ecosystem, expanding your threat detection capabilities.
  • Precision Response: Enables precise responses within the Microsoft tool stack for quick threat mitigation.
  • Flexible Data Storage Options: Allows you to move data and logs to other storage options within your Azure cloud, ensuring accessibility for investigation, triage, and validation.
  • Active Management: Offers active management of your Microsoft Sentinel instance, ensuring optimal performance and security posture.
  • Curated Threat Intelligence: Includes Deepwatch's curated threat intelligence and threat hunting capabilities, enhancing your proactive defense strategy.


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