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Deepwatch Open Security Data Architecture and CrowdStrike

Evolving traditional SOCs into cyber resilient, AI-Native security engines to maximize security effectiveness and spend.

The Next Generation

Further Enhancing Deepwatch OSDA

By expanding the operationalization, detection, response, correlation, and AI capabilities of CrowdStrike's Next-Gen SIEM, this partnership will expand upon and enhance the Deepwatch Open Security Data Architecture.

Powerful Integrations

A Trusted Cybersecurity Partnership

By integrating CrowdStrike's Next-Gen SIEM into the Deepwatch Platform, customers gain a reliable cybersecurity partner dedicated to optimizing security budgets, reducing tool proliferation, and enhancing security results.

More Than A Tech Stack

Outcomes-Based Security Solutions

By bringing together CrowdStrike's technologies with the Deepwatch Platform, we continue to deliver security outcomes like high fidelity, low volume alerting, precision response, and improved security posture as customers navigate the evolving security landscape to build cyber resilience.

Modern Security Solutions

Moving Away from Legacy Tooling

Implementing this new technology effectively is crucial for unleashing the remarkable results anticipated from these potent tools compared to outdated legacy SIEM systems or security programs constrained by zero-based budgeting and obsolete tools.


Deepwatch + CrowdStrike Partnership Overview

Learn more about the Deepwatch + CrowdStrike Partnership and what it means for our customers moving forward.

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