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The Deepwatch Platform

Threat Management Capabilities

Deepwatch helps our customers determine a unique and dynamic risk profile, then helps map the structure and status of that organization's external attack surface.

Extend Expertise and Coverage

Deepwatch Threat Capabilities

Deepwatch threat management capabilities go beyond logs and alerts. Deepwatch collaborates with your SecOps team to establish a comprehensive profile, then helps prioritize threats most important to your organization.

Identity and Asset Risk

Customized risk profiles allow informed decision making for triage, investigation, and response.

Deepwatch develops risk profiles for your assets and identities, assessing factors such as access levels, external exposure, and business significance. These profiles serve as the foundation for informed decision making in downstream activities, including triage, investigation, response, and communication efforts.

Applicable packages: Core | Advanced | Enterprise

Attack Surface Management

Establish a comprehensive profile that reflects the external appearance of your environment.

If an attacker can see it, an attacker can exploit it. Deepwatch works with you to map your attack surface while Deepwatch Experts monitor for activity against vulnerabilities or misconfigurations within your attack surface to provide prescriptive recommendations that reduce your risk exposure.

Applicable packages: Enterprise

Security Policy Management

Simplify security and configuration policy management for your critical security tools.

Navigating the complexities of implementing effective preventive measures in an ever-changing landscape of threats can be challenging. Deepwatch experts simplify this process by offering security and configuration policy management for your crucial security tools, including endpoint, firewall, and vulnerability solutions.

Applicable packages: Advanced | Enterprise

Curated Threat Intelligence

Timely and relevant intelligence specific to your organization and industry.

At Deepwatch we leverage the collective intelligence community alongside internal and organic intelligence curated by Deepwatch researchers. Our approach creates a network effect, enabling us to proactively align the threat landscape to your specific attack surface and risk profile.

Applicable packages: Core | Advanced | Enterprise

Deepwatch Dynamic Risk Scoring

Our proprietary alert scoring algorithms allow for risk adjusted decisions.

By incorporating advanced techniques for normalization, correlation, anomaly detection, and leveraging the unique attributes of your environment and relevant threat intelligence, our approach ensures smarter, more dynamic detections with high fidelity and a low volume of alerts.

Applicable packages: Core | Advanced | Enterprise

Complete Detection Coverage

Our industry-leading detection catalog tailored to your needs.

With our industry leading detection catalog, you can instantly deploy detections and execute playbooks for a consistent process of triage, investigation, and response. Deepwatch experts constantly stay ahead of the latest adversary behaviors, helping you identify gaps and develop tailored plans to enhance coverage across the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Applicable packages: Core | Advanced | Enterprise

Active Response

Combined automation and Deepwatch Experts deliver coordinated responses based on contextual awareness.

Automation, context, and human interaction enable the execution of the right action at the right moment. This is what differentiates Deepwatch from vendors offering XDR.

Applicable packages: Advanced | Enterprise

Continuous Threat Hunting

Threat hunting focused on detecting malicious activities in your environment 24/7/365.

Deepwatch threat hunters combine our curated intelligence with contextual, risk aware approaches to identify threats and prioritize response. Threat hunts operate both proactively and reactively to look for relevant behaviors and indicators of compromise from significant cybersecurity events or zero-day vulnerabilities.

Applicable packages: Core | Advanced | Enterprise

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