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Deepwatch Managed Detection and Response improves security outcomes while reducing operational complexity and disruptions for financial institutions.

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Security teams in banking, insurance, credit unions and other financial institutions face many challenges:

  • Rising frequency of ransomware attacks targeting lucrative PII data
  • Cyber attacks intended to cause severe operational disruption or gain confidential market insights
  • Expanding attack surface across rapid digital transformation, remote work adoption, geopolitical turmoil, and accelerated cloud migration
  • Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and declining economic conditions
  • Difficulty hiring and retaining security staff with specialized skills

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Managed Security Solutions for Financial Services

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Deepwatch MDR Protects Financial Services

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Invest in Eliminating Skill Gaps and Shortages in Security Operations

Security leaders in banking, insurance, credit card, alternate payment networks, and investment institutions must be particularly vigilant when protecting their organizations and their clients' data. Understand the challenges of operating a modern SOC and how to bridge the skills gap and staff for the future.