Maturing SecOps in Healthcare to Protect Patient Care

By Ashley Hernandez, Product Marketing Manager

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When thinking about healthcare concerns, privacy and HIPAA are often the first topics discussed. But as risks increase, privacy and security extend beyond HIPAA. Today’s hospitals and healthcare organizations often have portals for payment and appointment scheduling, and medical universities have to focus on HIPAA and education privacy concerns. As digital transformation increases and digital communication becomes more common from healthcare organizations, the threat of ransomware specifically increases. 

Deepwatch recently held a webinar discussing how to Advance Your Healthcare Security Maturity in today’s threat landscape. Our experts in Healthcare, Rich Weymer, Sales Enablement Program Manager, and Chris Gray, AVP Security Strategy, facilitated this discussion on the industry. Healthcare continues to be a Top 10 industry at risk of cybersecurity attacks, moving from seventh to sixth place this year. Organizations cannot ignore the reality that they need to have a mature SecOps program in place to protect identity, financial impact, and loss of life.

“Healthcare emerged as sixth-most attacked in this year’s rankings, receiving 5.1% of all attacks X-Force observed in 2021 and up from seventh place the year prior.”

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2022

The threat landscape continues to grow larger, and healthcare organizations do not have the luxury of surviving with an immature SecOps program when so much is at risk. “Healthcare CEOs, faced with attacks like ransomware, are making cybersecurity a priority,” said Gray. “One was quoted telling board members that outside of a natural disaster of epic proportions, only a cybersecurity event could have such an immediate impact or knock them offline, unable to do business for weeks.” 

Weymer and Gray deep-dive into healthcare best practices, the importance of a mature SecOps program, and how the changing cybersecurity landscape continues to impact healthcare. To learn more about advancing your security maturity as a healthcare organization, watch the complete on-demand webinar here:

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