Deepwatch Announces New Forensic Focused Operations Service To Enhance Customer Cyber Resilience

Threat Signal leverages attacker methodologies and security expertise to safeguard organizations against cyber threats

TAMPA, FL – December 05, 2023 Deepwatch, the leading managed security platform for the cyber resilient enterprise, today announced the launch of Threat Signal, its standalone forensic focused operations service designed to enhance companies’ cybersecurity postures, proactively identify and help mitigate attack vectors, and stay ahead of evolving cyber risks to become cyber resilient. 

Threat Signal provides a level of confidence and protection beyond traditional security measures, finding advanced cyber threats that have bypassed existing controls by leveraging strategic attacker methodologies to stay in tune with the constantly evolving threat landscape. Using an “outside-in” methodology, Threat Signal evaluates an organization’s externally accessible presence from the perspective of an attacker to pinpoint and investigate risky systems and services. This informs the areas of initial investigation and allows Deepwatch Experts to leverage advanced capabilities through organic intelligence, deep forensics and threat hunting.

According to Forrester’s “How to Make Threat Intelligence Actionable” report¹, “Over time, companies need to move beyond tactical use cases. Threat hunting can uncover threats that have bypassed traditional security tools, allowing companies to stop attacks earlier to minimize disruptions. As Forrester’s Threat Hunting 101 report describes, threat intelligence is vital because it provides insights into the TTPs of threat actors and details on how malware behaves. If time, expertise, and resources are constrained, consider leveraging an external service provider to conduct the threat-hunting exercise as an annual consulting engagement.”

Driven by customer-specific intelligence, which takes into account an organization’s unique attack surface, business concerns, and the latest adversary intelligence or “threat cases,” Threat Signal provides customers with tailored and proactive security measures. Threat Signal’s additional features and capabilities include:

  • Deepwatch Experts – A team of seasoned forensic security experts and methodologies conducts in-depth investigations, identifying threats before they can cause disruption in your organization.
  • Attack Surface Profiles – Discovery of external areas of opportunity that an attacker could leverage against the organization. This is provided as a customer actionable report detailing high-risk opportunities, mitigation recommendations, and threat hunting leads.
  • Forensic-Agent-Based Threat Hunting Engagements –  Deepwatch’s specialists consistently engage in hunting activities to reveal concealed threats within a company’s infrastructure.  A threat hunt summary report detailing observations and any actions taken by the customer during that hunt cycle. 
  • Reporting and Reviews – Customers will be provided with various reports, including:
    • Weekly intelligence brief reports on analyzed open-source intelligence with Deepwatch recommendations. 
    • Summary presentations on the solution engagement status, including but not limited to hunting reports. 
    • Up to two executive reviews of the solution and observables per year.
    • Ad-hoc awareness briefs of security advisories based on Deepwatch threat criteria.
    • Annual intelligence reports on incident lessons learned and predictions.
  • Malware Analysis – Collected malware will be analyzed by Deepwatch’s Adversary Tactics and Intelligence (ATI) team, provided in the form of a malware analysis report delivered to the customer.
  • Enhanced Security – Current customers leveraging Deepwatch’s MDR solution benefit from cross-collaborative security operations, harnessing advanced threat detection and hyper-responsive capabilities.

“As security professionals we look to enhance a company’s security readiness and to do that, it’s critical for them to look beyond their existing security controls to ensure they are identifying or proactively protecting the business from external threats,” said Jerrod Barton, VP, Cyber Operations & Intelligence for Deepwatch. “With Threat Signal, we’re able to help our enterprise customers view their security readiness through the lens of the ‘attackers,’ ensuring that they are able to rapidly respond to any incoming threats, which in turn helps them elevate their cyber resilience.”

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¹Available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase.

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