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Outreach and Benefits

Deepwatch Veterans Affinity Group

Professional growth, career development, and engagement through awareness and outreach

Our Mission

The Mission of the Deepwatch Veterans Engagement Team and Supporters is to demonstrate the company's dedication and support of service member veteran employees and military spouses by providing them a sense of community built on shared experiences, recruitment and retention efforts, professional growth and career development, and engagement through veteran awareness and outreach efforts.

Dedication and Support

Contributing to the Development of a Diverse and Skilled Cyber Operations Workforce

Deepwatch understands that military veterans are talented, ambitious individuals who are enabled by their prior or current service. These skills, combined with a native teaming spirit and a focus upon threat awareness and defensive posture development, are critical in addressing the noted cybersecurity capability gaps.

We combine active awareness, recruiting support, technical training, and mentoring efforts to address this shortage, supporting not only our own employees but also the greater veteran and military spouse community at large with the support of our partner organizations.

Veteran Outreach

Support for Military Communities

Deepwatch understands the needs of veterans, military spouses, and members of the Guard and Reserves. Beyond our internal programs, our outreach program extends to a more than a dozen relationships with organizations that support and assist veterans and spouses in the transition to cybersecurity careers, both individually and as an overall community.

Training and Collaboration

Veterans Program Benefits

The benefits of the Deepwatch Veterans Program include:

  • Providing veteran employees with a place to meet up, collaborate, and learn while providing a foundation for camaraderie for veteran employees and others with shared experiences
  • Establishing a mentoring platform to help veteran employees learn how to build a career and navigate their professional life
  • Providing awareness of offers, discounts, and opportunities unique to veterans and military families
  • Establishing critical insights for non-veterans in the company, helping to promote the value that veterans bring, to clarify the nature military experience, and elevate and align Deepwatch's brand as a Veteran Friendly Employer
  • Providing training, support, and awareness for our partner programs and efforts

Deepwatch's Veteran Partners

ESGR Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
Military Spouse Employment Partnership Partner

Awards & Recognitions

In our first year as an established program, Deepwatch's Veterans Program has been recognized for our efforts in providing an inclusive and supportive environment for our team members and the overall military community. Some of these recognitions include:

Vets Indexes 3 Star Employer 2024
Statement of support for the guard and reserve
2023 Military Times Best for Vets Employers award
United States Army Reserve Ambassador

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