What is Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)?

CTI or Threat Intelligence is data that is collected, processed, and analyzed to understand a threat actor’s motives, targets, and attack behaviors. Threat Intelligence enables businesses to make faster, more informed, data-backed security decisions and change their behavior from reactive to proactive in the fight against threat actors.

According to Gartner: “Threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge (e.g., context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and action-oriented advice) about existing or emerging menaces or hazards to assets.”

CTI is data that has been collected from a variety of sources, enriched with internally sourced data, and then used to enhance security detection and response capabilities. CTI includes information on cyber threat actors and their TTPs threats. Businesses use CTI to enhance their ability to make decisions, decrease their cyber risk, and enhance their security posture.

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What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

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