Bank Collaborates with Deepwatch to Establish Security Operations Center and Mature Security Capabilities



The customer operates in the financial services industry and as such is a highly desirable target for threat actors. In 2017 the customer had suffered a security incident that cost the business millions of dollars to repair. The CISO evaluated his security team, their technologies, and their capabilities. In order to meet stringent compliance regulations and quickly establish 24x7x365 monitoring capabilities, the CISO and his team selected Deepwatch’s Managed Detection & Response Services.

In 42 days Deepwatch had deployed its capabilities and was delivering value to the business.”


Deepwatch met with the leadership team to discuss objectives and create a unique roadmap to improve security maturity. The Deepwatch Squad Delivery Model allowed the CISO and his team to build strong relationships with named Deepwatch analysts to grow communal understanding of the Bank’s business, threat landscape, and operating model. In 42 days Deepwatch had deployed its capabilities and was delivering value to the business.


Deepwatch, as a close partner, continues to collaborate with the CISO to recommend additional log sources to manage and monitor, which security technologies to jettison and which ones to acquire to enhance their ability to identify and resolve security incidents quickly. Now armed with the Deepwatch sourced Maturity Model score, the CISO has secured a twofold increase in budget to enhance their security program.

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