Government Security Gaps

How one local government security team chose Deepwatch to mature their existing SecOps effort and ensure 24/7/365 coverage.

Enterprise Details

Industry: State & Local Government
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Employees: 1,200

  • Highly targeted industry for ransomware and other threat actors
  • Frequent state and local government compliance updates
  • Security talent and skill set hiring challenges
  • Need to improve SecOps program maturity and process
  • Need for 24/7/365 coverage


A customer in a County Government office chose Deepwatch Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to ensure 24/7/365 coverage and improve their overall security posture. County employee work schedules, including paid time off and holidays, created noticeable gaps in the county’s ability to provide consistent cybersecurity coverage. Deepwatch MDR services became an extension of their SecOps team.


A small SecOps team was put in charge of a large county-wide coverage domain. The team quickly realized that its existing resources and personnel wouldn’t be enough to respond to security events in a timely manner, especially since government mandates allow for extended paid leave. Not only did the team need a more consistent solution to account for the lack of resources, they also needed a solution that could accommodate flexible contract-based implementation along with frequent communication.


The CISO and his leadership team looked for an MSSP that met the following criteria:

  • Responsive team of analysts with knowledge and focus on their industry
  • Ability to deliver a fully enabled 24/7/365 SOC
  • Consistent communication with a dedicated team of security professionals
  • A customer-focused, long term partner
  • Strong technical acumen and threat intelligence to stay ahead of growing threats
  • Better reporting to create narratives for the Board and other stakeholders
  • A partner that could help develop a security road map to improve security team maturity over time
  • Strong working relationships with industry-leading technology vendors

Problem Analysis

Successful implementation of standard MDR services paves the way for specialized services such as active response, vulnerability management, firewall support, and more.


Working with their partners, Deepwatch leveraged cyber grant funding to implement its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services portfolio while also navigating the state contracts system for the customer’s specific security coverage needs.


The implementation of Deepwatch MDR enabled the customer’s SecOps team to more easily and efficiently monitor security events across the county thanks to 24/7 coverage as well as automated improvements to both their existing security posture and their long-term SecOps maturity.

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