RJ O’Brien Manages Security Risks from Remote Work, Ransomware, and Staffing with MDR Essentials


RJ O’Brien faced three security challenges: a shift to remote work, concerns about ransomware, as well as skills and resource limitations.

John Woods, Global CISO for RJ O’Brien, wanted to proactively implement a solution to decrease time to detect, before RJ O’Brien experienced an attack. Because, “if a Ransomware attack isn’t caught in a short enough period of time, they are costly and small businesses are at high risk.”

[The] alternative would be to spend 2x as much, plus needing SOC engineers at $100k each and it might be almost as good… we spend less than hiring one SOC professional and we get the benefit of best-in-class technology.”


RJ O’Brien is the oldest and largest independent futures brokerage and clearing firm in the U.S., bringing order entry technology to every futures exchange worldwide. They recently implemented Deepwatch Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Essentials to relieve the alert fatigue and constant pressure burdening the RJ O’Brien security team. 

Woods highlighted the importance of the human element that comes with Deepwatch MDR Essentials: “We are able to talk with the same dedicated account manager with every interaction, who takes the time to understand our environment and why certain alerts hold more weight than others. They [Deepwatch] feel like an extension of our team.”


Deepwatch helped RJ O’Brien reduce risk by strengthening its security posture and improved work-life balance for the team.

Find out the full results and ongoing success that RJ O’Brien is experiencing with their Deepwatch MDR services in the case study below.

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