Customer Achieves 432% ROI with Deepwatch MDR in Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study

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The expanding attack surface combined with the cybersecurity skills shortage means most modern SOCs cannot absorb the growing complexity of security operations. The costs of implementing new tools as well as building and retaining a team of cybersecurity experts who know the environment has become a challenge for today’s distributed organizations.

More and more organizations are considering Managed Detection and Response (MDR) partnerships to augment their security teams. To help security leaders decide whether Deepwatch MDR is right for their organizations, Deepwatch engaged with leading market research firm Forrester to assess total economic impact (TEI) of Deepwatch MDR.

The ROI of MDR Services

The results of the newly released study can be downloaded here. The study has extensive details about the methodology and value realization for Deepwatch customers, including:

  • 432% return on investment with Deepwatch MDR and $10.1 million in benefits over three years
  • 86% reduction in the customer’s cost of event response with Deepwatch MDR services
  • Significant reductions in investments on legacy systems and SIEMs

In addition to the quantified benefits, Deepwatch customers benefit from working with a named squad consisting of experts who not only protect the organizations today, but also guide on improving security posture year over year.

Flexibility with Deepwatch Managed Detection and Response

The customer that was the focus of the economic analysis has worked with Deepwatch now for over 3 years.

Flexibility has been one of the biggest differentiators in ultimately choosing Deepwatch.

— Team Member Alliance Data

Deepwatch is committed to enabling security leaders as their managed cybersecurity partner by understanding their unique environment, and driving measurable outcomes to improve security maturity. This study validates that promise, and demonstrates how customers can save year over year with Deepwatch solutions.

Download the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Deepwatch MDR report today.


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